• When: 2020-08-15
  • The PAX: Blue Blood, Cheers, Coon Dog, Lizard Man, Dr. Lovin, Cowbell, Honey Boo Boo, Kenwood, Knozit, Lego

Rare Saturday Q

YHC has been going up to NC to visit/help aging parents almost every weekend for a while now.  This Saturday was a rare time when I was in town, and as luck would have it an open slot on the Q sheet and the rotating workout was coming to Shawshank.  Wonderful opportunity.  YHC wanted to make the workout worthy of the occasion.

WEATHER:  99% Humidity

THE THANG:  run around both large soccer fields and make our way to picnic shelters where the white board is already waiting.

1 Pull up add 1 rep each time

2 burpees add 2 reps each time

3 knee ups add 3 ea time

5 merkins add 5 each time

10 LBC add 10 reps each time

Goal was to get 10 sets in.  Most Pax were on Round 8 or 9 when time was called.

If you finished all ten rounds then you did 45 Pull ups, 110 Burpees, 165 Knee Ups, 275 Merkins, 550 LBC.  No wonder YHC was so dead tired rest of the day.

Hope you guys got your Money’s worth.


Sign Up for the IPC.

Shawshank will remain open during IPC and will have normal Bootcamps.  If you do IPC, there are several Tuesday options, and possibly Wednesday.

9/11 Challenge is on 9-26 at Smokehouse


Psalm 27:11 Teach me your way, O Lord, Lead me in a straight Path.

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