• When: 2018-07-17
  • QIC: Twitterless #Stitches -Blue Rhino
  • The PAX: Stitches,Shades of Gray, BooBoo, Ali, Thumbs Up, Hammer, Hatchet, Pick Axe, Good Hands, Whisper, It's A Boy, Buttermaker, Netflix, Rename, Adluh, Postal, Giggity, (The) Brownout, Shake n Bake, Over Exposed, Hot-4-Teacher, (The) Bulldog, Banjo, McSteamy, BarCrawl, Rook, Blue Rhino

#PrayforBray Second Annual WO

July 20th,2016 -Words I will never forget. Your child has Cancer. Brayden was diagnosed with Leukemia at the young age of 10. Shortly after, @F3LexSC group found me, made me better, while Bray has made me stronger. Last year he was fighting a infection and was stuck in the hospital for the first #PrayforBray Q. This year, we were very thankful that God gave us a healthier new year and Bray was able to come Q the second annual #PrayforBray WO. Bray has a scheduled lumbar puncture on 7/20/18 so we decided to move it up. 27 men got better together and here is how it all went down.

Conditions: 75*and 100% Awesome


The Thang

Mosey to basketball court for COP
-SSH x 30 IC
-LBAC x 10 IC Rever 10 IC
-Merkins x 10 IC-
-TTT X 15

Mosey over to block pile, grab a block and head to The Principal: Curls for the Girls and Overhead carry OTW

IC with Block

P -Press Block Merkins 10X
R-Russian Twist 10X
A– Air Squats 10X
Y-YOLO- modified Outlaw – Spell “Morethan4”

F-Flutter Kick 10X
O-One Legged Block dip 5X- each leg
R-Russian Twist 10X

B-Block Press Merkins 10X
R– Russian Twist 10X
A-Air Squats 10X
Y-YOLO- modified Outlaw – Spell “NoOneFightsAlone”

Rinse and Repeat adding one rep to each exercise-

Head Back to Block Pile and Mosey back to the Flag

Devo-By Postal

Bray two year anniversary devo.

We all know that Bray loves sports especially baseball,

Blue asked my to share few words This morning this thought hit me and I wanted to encourage all of you with,

When you step to that plate in baseball it’s a moment that is all on your shoulders, you face down whatever pitch comes your way,

Sometimes it’s there right down the pipe and other times it’s a curve ball, sometimes it’s a hit by pitch,

Sometimes you get a hit and other times you strikeout

Bray during your battle you’ve been holding the bat, only you can face the pitch, only you can stand at that plate and wait for whatever of the is coming, no one else can swing for you,

We can’t step to that plate for you,

But we can gather as a team when you get a hit and you cross home plate

We can rally around you back in the dugout and in the stands to celebrate the win, or support you when the game gets you down,

It is true that in your fight, only you can swing the bat, but in a way, all of us are at bat with you and are cheering you on,celebrating your Victories!

Men at times you will be at bat and it will be up to you to swing, but when others are at bat we cheer, we support, we stand with them and there joy is our joy

Galatians 6:2 bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the love of Christ

We present this bat to you to say that we can’t swing for you but we can go to bat with you.


-TClaps to everyone visiting from other AO’s for their continued support
-TClaps to ALL other AO who posted and hashtagged #PrayforBray- Stitches saw them!
-TClaps to my Pax for pushing me and making me better
-Save the date for next year’s third annual (chemo free WO)