• When: 01-22-19
  • QIC: Wee Wee
  • The PAX: Zaccheus, Abner, ButtDial, 2 Star, Escobar, TaxSlayer, Dominion, Nail Pop, Drysdale, UpCharge, Wee Wee

Pain Train with a Death March

Our local forecaster posted the usual hourly forecast the night before and the temps called for Mid 20’s.  YHC didn’t expect many to show, but was happy to see 6 show for SL and thought 10 might be the number that showed for BC.  Well 11 showed and they put in work as they usually do.

Conditions: 26

The Thang:



Mosey to get a telephone pole and then Mosey to the front carline drive along Caulks Ferry Road.

YHC didn’t want the PAX to feel like they didn’t get a warm-up so we performed 15 Windmills IC and 5 slow-mo TTT IC.

Pain Train

10 Squats with your pole at the start.

Exercises consisted of Pole Press and OH Press.  Reps increased by 5 as you went away from the start line starting with 10 Pole Presses. (15 OH Press, 20 Pole Press, etc.) You hit every stop on your way back to the start.  Most PAX made it to the 5th station.

YHC hands were getting might cold at this point in time so I called recover.

Baatan Death March

Modified Indian Run.  We split into 2 groups.  PAX at the end of the line drops and does 5 burpees while the group runs in a line away from the PAX performing burpees.  After 5 Burpees PAX runs and taps the runner last in line and they start performing Burpees while the other PAX continues to the front of the line.  This continues until all PAX have had their turn performing Burpees.

Return poles to the pile and mosey back to the flag for one last exercise.

Since it is AOQ week at Surge and Escobar likes to Q Burpees we decided to get a little warm-up in for Thursday.  10 Burpees on your own.



Prayer Request:

Those PAX that are missing in action.

Wells Family




Anniversary Convergence

Devo: Not Slander

Titus 3:2 — They must not slander anyone and must avoid quarreling.  Instead, they should be gentle and show true humility to everyone.


When mistreated, do you speak badly about that person to others?  How you portray that person gives great insight into your integrity.  If you are willing humble yourself to protect that person’s image, that shows humility!  This is truly a mark of integrity.  After all, isn’t it a reflection of ourselves in how we characterize others when walking in conflict?  The next time a friend wrongs you, choose your words carefully when you speak about them.