• When: 03/19/15
  • QIC: Fracture
  • The PAX: Terrasi, Honey BooBoo, Sinkhole, Netflix, Weekend Special, Rebar, Whisper, FNG (Jeremy Mullin- Slow Pitch), Toe Ring, Forrest, Nightmare, Hedges, Long Haul, Short Haul, Stella, PYT, Clipboard, Turf Toe, Itchy, Floppy Disk, Dandelion, Cream Cheese, Crack, Digger

Pain train comes to Graveyard

25 pax joined YHC for his second visit to the famous Graveyard.  Not sure if YHC will be invited back since I didn’t follow the unspoken rules of the Graveyard (No work was put in at the palace and YHC made them do mary on the concrete).  The Pax sure let YHC know they were not happy doing Mary on the concrete, but a lot of work was put in.  YHC was impressed with the Pax at Graveyard, for all the Twitter talk about Graveyard being soft, they brought it as YHC but them through the ringer.

Conditions: 50 degrees and just a touch of rain at the end

THE THANG: Disclaimer/Prayer Get to work


Smurf jacks x20

TTT x20

Seal jacks x20

IW x20

Sprint down the hill 10 burpees Sprint up the other side- Mosey to the super secret courtyard of pain grab some wall

Set 1-

  • Box Jumps x10
  • Decline Merkins x10
  • Dips x10
  • Sprint to fence Burpees x10 sprint back

Rinse and Repeat x8, x6, x4

Evil 8-10 min AMRAP

  • station 1-explosion merkins x10
  • station 2- lunge jumps x10
  • Burpees x3 in the middle
  • station 3- squats x10
  • station 4- RT x20

Railroad tracks 3/4 of the way back to the shovel flag

Just a little Mary

  • Little Baby Flutter Kicks x15
  • Boat/Canoe

Mosey/Sprint back to Shovel flag

TCLAPS to all the PAX everyone worked hard and got better, hopefully everyone got their money’s worth! Love to come back if yall will have me

FNG-Jeremy Mullin- Hobbies include softball (therefore he is slow pitch)


  • Mudrun still time to sign up and if you cant looking for volunteers
  • Check Preblast for the Oliver Gospel Mission and HC if you can help lead
  • Good luck to P200 runners
  • GoRuck light simulation announced 4/4 2pm starting at Finlay Park


Terrasi- Friend Kristin fighting brain cancer

Devo- John 21.6 He said throw your nets on the right side of the boat and you will find some.  When they did they were unable to haul in their nets because of the large amount of fish.

YHC is a fisherman, God has never told him where to cast to catch a fish, but he is on the shore because YHC uses fishing as his place to reflect and recharge.  I encourage all to take time to reflect through whatever way brings you happiness.


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