• When: 2017-07-20
  • QIC: Peachy
  • The PAX: Peachy, Buzzsaw, Notebook, Knozit, Coondog, Raft, Elmers, Taurasi, Cowbell, Hash and Rice, Cheers, Doodah


12 PAX hit the gridiron gloom this AM and got better. YHC mentioned football season is drawing near and what better way to kick the season off than and old fashioned “two-a-day” beatdown. The PAX were up for the challenge and if it wasn’t for Buzzsaw we would have only had a handful of penalties.




Mosey to field


SSH X 20

TTT X 20

Merkins X 15

Imperial Walker X 20

Jog across field

Did the below mentioned exercises a bunch of times each:

Updowns, Burpees, Shuffle side to side, Barrel Rolls, Fire off from a 3 point stance and drive your partner backwards, High knees, Butt kicks, Run diagonals (DB work), wide receiver routes

LBCs IC X 15

Flutter Kicks IC X 15

Heel Touches IC X 15

Freddie Mercury IC X 15

Dips IC X 15

Incline Merkins IC X 15

Decline Merkins IC X 10

Wall Sits X 45 seconds X 2


The Mission Cookout this Friday at Pine Island

Sweet Baby O 5K 8/5

Prayer Requests – Flanagan Family