• When: 2019-10-10
  • QIC: Dear Diary
  • The PAX: Boo (R), Booster, The Big Peter (Cotters), Kyrie (R), Tater, Canseco, Cheddar (Mike Wendt) (R), Fry Daddy (R), Wapner, Little Giants, Swanson, Quisenberry, Pickaxe & Dear Diary

No shooting stars but Canseco stayed anyway!

Weather: 60 degrees & awesome

Circle Up, Disclaimer, BOM & Prayer

SSH x 15ic, TTT x 15ic, LBAC (Front) x 15ic, LBAC (Back) x 15ic & Moroccan Night Clubs x 15ic

Mosey to the Block Pile, all Pax get a block and mosey to the BBall Court.

Circle Up, Curls for the Girls (Slow Mo) x 15ic


Mosey to the track and divide into (2) groups of (7) for (2) laps of (4) corners. Corner #1 Curls x 25 oyo, Corner #2 Merkins x 25 oyo, Corner #3 Squats w/ blocks & Corner x 25 oyo & Corner #4 Merkins x 25 oyo. Mosey as a group. Group #1 take blocks and mosey to Corner #2 while Group #2 planks @ Corner #1. Group #1 take their blocks with them to corner #3 and leave. Group #2 brings the blocks from corner #3 back to Corner #1 on last lap.

Mosey to the BBall Court and circle up for Ring of Fire. Overhead Press with block for 1/2 and Curls for the rest.

Return Blocks.

Mosey to picnic tables for Dips & Merkins. (1) set of (10) each, (1) set of (15) each & (1) set of (20) each.

mosey to the shovel flag for Mary.

LBC x 15 oyo, Freddy Mercury’s x 15ic & Boat Canoe (on my call)


Announcements:  Christmas Party on December 14th (details coming soon), GoLeoGo (contact Thumbs Up if interested), Cheech 10K and Mentors needed @ Midway (contact Booster for details).

Prayer Requests: Corbett Anderson, Boosters Coworker with heart scare, continued healing for Boo’s M & Dawn Merck and Wapner.