• When: 2020-07-30
  • QIC: Taurasi "Respect"
  • The PAX: Taurasi, Muggy Tape, Feeny, She Shed

Light Pole Circuit, Bricks and Bat Wings Oh my… (Bear crawls too)

Temp 75, 1000% Humidity
Shovel Flag- Check…
4 Pax?! Storms last night knocked out some vintage alarm clocks and extra fart sacks were had. Missed a few good men for sure!
Not a Pro, Not even close. BUT F3 sharpens us, Iron tough…
Disclaimer Modify if needed, No FNG’s…
Opening prayer safety, fellowship, get better, have fun…
1st exercise is… Starting position move, in Cadence “The Merkin” 10 count
Mosey to the next stop, Imperial Walkers
Mosey to the next stop, Side Straddle Hop
Indian Run to the Coupon station
2 Bricks each, “Square it up” 4 Pax
Bat Wing Crowd Pleaser
20 Overhead claps
20 Forward Seal Claps
10 Forward Little Baby Arm Circles
10 Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles
15 seconds of Michael Phelps loosen up…
Mosey up to the football field end zone with your bricks
Lunge to midfield with bricks
Bear Crawl with Bricks to the opposite end zone “Crowd Pleaser”
15 seconds of Michael Phelps loosen up…
Mosey to the 1st lower lot light pole 16 waiting for us…
Run to the 1st Light Pole and complete 10 Merkins OYO
Lunge to the 2nd Light Pole and complete 10 Carolina Dry Docks OYO
Rinse and repeat for 16 light poles.
Q Modified after 12 stations from Merkins to curls as Pax moaned, Q too.
Mosey back to light pole 1. Bear crawl back to the coupon station, Just kidding, Karaoke instead switching direction 1/2 way
Return bricks and square up for 20 count LBC’s Legs, arms and shoulders hurt, now for some core!
Iron Cross on your own 10 count
Mosey Back to the flag. Pax thinks were done… Nope…
20 Count dying cockroach in cadence
Muggy Tape 25 count flutter kicks or was it 30?…
She Shed Freddie Mercury for a minute… Easier for me on my bike clipped in…
Feeny American Hammer 1 minute
Recover!!! Great work guys!
4 Pax, NameORama, Taurasi “Q” , Muggy Tape, Feeny, and She Shed
Announcements 9/11 Challenge, Big Storms last night
Prayers for teacher and family at Lex Middle that passed, Notebook recovery, Praise for Taurasi’s Mom 5yr’s cancer free, spoken and unspoken.
Pray out, and a devo…
Psalm 143:8 Rough recent days, Trust in the Lord as he provides time to protect us. We couldn’t handle our lifes story all at once. Don’t look back, or forward focus on God’s love today. This was found flipping thru my 365 devotions Jesus calling. Reminded of the tough times our country is in. Prayers for ALL!

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