• When: 2017-11-16
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Training Wheels (R), Silver Streak, Cowbell, Quest, Green Bow (R), Potluck, Forest, Notebook, Long Haul, Nibbles, Dozer

Legs for Days at Arena

Addition by Division has been a benchmark of what has helped F3Lexington grow. The Arena is another example of that. YHC was excited  about the opportunity to Q at one of our regions newest AO’s, and the one closest to his house. Word has traveled fast that these guys have a good thing going, and the mumble chatter is as good as anywhere. So here’s what went down.


***Conditions: 37° with 98% humidity (98% humidity is a lot different at 37 degrees, than it is at 87)***

***Disclaimer & Prayer***

***The Thing***


  • SSH X 15 IC
  • Squat X 15 IC (Mumble chatter started here)
  • IW X 15 IC
  • Squat X 15 IC
  • TTT X 15 IC
  • Squat X 15 IC

Mosey to brick pile, grab bricks and circle back up.

  • OHC X 15 IC
  • Squat X 15 IC
  • LBAC X 15 Forward IC
  • LBAC X 15 Reverse IC
  • Squat X 15 IC

Mosey to a pre-determined center island in parking lot. There you will find 6 stations set up in a rectangular shape. Partner up. Each group will start at a different station. The first 3 stations are up against the school, the other 3 are out in the parking lot.

Here is what each station consisted of:

Station 1 – 50 Rocky Balboa’s on the curb.

Station 2 – People’s chair along a wall. Count to 100

Station 3 – Picnic bench. Place 1 leg up on bench. Do 25 one legged lunges, each leg.

Station 4 – 25 squats with your block

Station 5 – 25 groiners with your block

Station 6 – 25 calf raises on your block

Each group started at the center island and picked a station to start at. Stations 1,2, and 3, You run from the center island to the station, do the exercise and run back to center island. Upon returning, 25 squats. For station 4, lunge to station 4 carrying your block. Do the exercise and lunge back with your block. Station 5, reverse lunge, exercise, and back. Station 6, side lunge, exercise and back. Plank on the 6 until all groups have completed all 6 stations.


Unbeknownst to YHC, Iron Mary did a leg day on Tuesday. No sympathy, You can never get enough leg days. By my calculations, the pax did 250 squats this morning.

Return blocks to blockpile.



***Announcements: Christmas Party 12/15, Speed for Need 2nd F tonight at Keg Cowboy to see Argyle get shaved, F3 Lexington is visiting The Mission at Findlay Park this Saturday and next Saturday at 8:30am, P200 teams forming.

***Prayer Requests: Woodstock MRI today (hope to get off of seizure meds), Dear Diary (just got released from hospital this morning – PRAISE!).

***Devo: Stay Calm – Exodus 14:14 “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

***Moleskin: This was YHC first time at this AO. What a fun group who works hard, keeps it light, and grinds hard. This AO has really good leadership and will do big things. Thank you for having me over. I’ll be back for sure.