• When: 2019-11-02
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Swanson, Pickaxe, Boo, Buttermaker, Little Giants, Quisenberry, Granola, Booster

Laps of goodness at TP

With Dear Diary sending an early morning text message to YHC that a work injury the night before had him banged up and out of commission, YHC led the PAX of Turning Point to a nice little mosey/sprint around the track with a myriad of exercises throughout, with the running in between giving YHC just enough time to think of the next exercise.

Weather- cold and clear

The Thang:

Disclaimer- Prayer

Mosey down to track for COP- SSH, TTT, Arm circles all IC x 10

For the rest of the workout, the PAX, as a group, moseyed on the long portion of the track, would stop at the corner, complete an exercise YHC called, the sprinted the short section, then exercise, rinse and repeat for somwhere in the range of 7-8 laps plus one additional lap at the bb court that gave the PAX a break from the running (we did bear crawls and crab walks instead). Also, Granola and Quisenberry joined us about 30 minutes in after running to Irmo or eating at Waffle House, I’m not sure. The following exercises were completed during the laps (not in this order), with 10 being the number.

Burpees, Merkins, T-clap merkins, Carolina dry docks, Imperial walkers, Hilbillies, Squats, Calf raises, Heel touches, Knee cups, Russian twists, Burpees on the steps, Bonnie Blairs, Squat squat jumps, BBSU with raise the roofs and probably a few that I missed.

Mosey to SF for 3 min of Mary.

Count a Rama, Name a Rama

Announcements- 2nd F dinner at MOD pizza on Tuesday 11/5 at 8ish. TP closed on 11/16 for Cheech 10k

Prayer requests- Mills family, Corbett, Swanson’s sister in law, Booster co worker Jonathan, DD injury