• When: 2019-02-12
  • QIC: Moist
  • The PAX: Paper Jam, Juice, Peachy, Meter, Lumberg, Brita, Tu-Tu, Fergie (FNG) R, Dri Soket, Boat Plug, Squater, Po, Pennyworth, Blade, McGruber, Shine, Moist

It was a moist Moist Q.

Ambush PAX…. What can YHC say? They bring it. Mumble Chatter, determination, spirit, and even a fowl smell that almost caused Marleau.

Conditions: 55 and……extra thick moisty gloom.

*T-claps to Peachy for setting the lights back before 5. Ditch the headlamp!*



Go Time

Mosey to the left side of the school and circle up

TTT x 12 IC

SSH x 12 IC

LBAC x 10 forward IC

TTT x 5 IC

SSH x 5 IC

LBAC x 10 Reverse IC

Mosey to the breezeway

start at the first pole and end at the 12th adding to rep to each stop

Round 1 – Bobby Hurleys (Thank Scotch for these.. a go-to for YHC now.)

Round 2- Squats

Plank while we wait

Mosey to the block pile

Grab 2….. errr …. grab em all. (Not enough)

Break up into 2 groups

Group 1:

OHC 1 block 50 yards

Merkins x 5

Sprint back to the start

Merkins x 5

OHC 1 block 50 yards

Merkins x 5

Farmers Carry both blocks back to start

Group 2:

Mosey to the elementary school and back.

Change of plans on the next round

Everyone together now

OHC 50 yards

Curls 4 Girls x 10

Sprint back to start

Sprint back to block

Curls 4 Girls x 10

OHC back to start

Curls 4 girls x 10

Rinse and Repeat 2 more sets

Next round same thing but replace Curls 4 Girls with Overhead Press for 3 sets.

Return Blocks

Mosey the brick wall side of the middle school

Peoples Chair are a few minutes

Focus on perfect 90 degrees and straight back

Left leg up and hold for a 10 count (lots of whining with this one)

Right leg up and hold for a 10 count (actual tears were cried by a few)


Balls to wall (More crying)

Left arm up (only about 3 men left at this point)


Mosey back to the SF

FNG to the middle, Clifford Fisher, Owns a camel, rides horses, errrr aaaa no. We can’t that, Wednesday is humpday, who singles the song about humps?, Fergie?, YES!, Fergie it is. Welcome!


Dam 2 Dam is this Saturday

Dec- There will be a Christmas party in December

Feb 21st- Sportsman’s Banquet at Northside Baptist. Lots of Guns being raffled. Tickets available online. Juice will be selling beer in the parking lot. (not really, but maybe.) Brita and Dri Soket will be drinking beer in the parking lot. (Really)

Prayer Requests:

Juice’s Mom

Juice’s Father-in-law

Moist’s cousin

Crystal’s kidney stones (didn’t catch the last name on the recording)

Brad Bowers

Paper Jam’s friend William Long