• When: 2019-03-26
  • QIC: IMom
  • The PAX: Fuzzy Navel, Wild Hog, GraveDigger, Iron Mary, Scotch, Stalker, Hoist, All 9's, Tiger Blood, LC Mulligan (R), Irrev


12 Pax, many who just came off of the latest CSAUP The P200, did not fall prey to the jet lag that can often follow these events. As true with The Hollow brand hard work and strong mumble chatter were present for a full 45 minute beat down. T-claps to the 8 Strideliters and Irrev for rucking the workout.

Weather: Mid 50’s/Breezy/slightly moist

1 min/Disclaimer/Prayer

The box of randomness went something like this:

Mosey around the new parking lot route.

Head to the block pile and grab a winner and a parter. Head to the breezeway.

P1 runs the Breezeway
P2 AMRAP exercise

50 pushups with block on back
100 squats w/ block parallel (butt touch block)
150 Leg Circles
Plank on the 6.

Return the winner and mosey to the planter around back of the school.
P1 Mosey to the shed and back

50 Step ups each leg
100 dips
150 LBCs
Decline Plank on 6.

Head to the steps (Cat call for CAT)

P1 up and down big steps

50 One leg up push-up
100 calf raises
150 V-UPS
Incline Plank on 6.

Move to the wall:

30 seconds wall sit
30 seconds The Hollow hold
3 Sets total

Mosey toward the SF.

20 Flutter kicks IC
1 Egg Roll OYO

Prayer Request:
Missing/Injured Pax
Brainiac Knee

GoRuck Reunion April
Gauntlet April
Scotch looking for accountability challengers