• When: 2017-09-21
  • QIC: Overage
  • The PAX: Moist, Rainbird, Navy Bean (Respect), Dozer, Trickle,

Girl look at that body…I work out!

I know I have brought this workout to the PAX of CAT before but YHC wanted to share it again. I think we hit most of the major muscle groups so I am going to call it a success. It was a bit crowded at the practice field this particular morning. While we only had 6 PAX from CAT, the fellas from the Hollow as well as a FIA run group spent some time on the track surrounding the field.
Thanks going out to NoHelp for getting me set up so I can actually post this thing!

Conditions: 60’s and comfortable

Intro, Disclaimer and Prayer (No FNG’s)

Mosey to the High Jump area of the track and circle up.
TTT x 10
Slow Squats x 5 (Encouraging full motion and form)
Slow Merkins x 5 (Encouraging full motion and form)

The Thang:
Mosey over to the near Goal Line and Lunge to the 10yd line. Complete 10 Squats. Lunge to the 20yd line, complete 20 Squats. Continue this cycle up to the 50yd line and lunge the back 50yds to the starting goal line and plank for the 6.
Distance covered while lunging: 100yds
Standing squats completed: 150

Starting at the Goal Line, Bear Crawl to the 10 and complete 10 Merkins. Bear Crawl to the 20yd line and complete 20 Merkins. You see where I’m going with this. Continue this until we made it to the 50yd line. Bear Crawl the 50yds back to the Goal Line and plank for the 6.
Distance Covered while Bear Crawling: 100yds
Merkins completed: 150

Starting at the original goal line we Crab Walked to the 10yd line and completed 10 Little Baby Crunches. Crab Walk to the 20yd line and complete 20 LBC’s and so on until we reached the 50yd line. We Crab Walked back 50yds and planked.
Distance Covered while Crab Walking: 100yds
LBC’s completed: 150

From there we decided to do Imperial Walkers. Again, starting at the Goal Line we did a moving Imperial Walker to the 10 and completed 10 standing Imperial Walkers. IW’d to the 20 and so on. It’s amazing how heavy your own feet can be!
Moving IW’s: 100yds
IW’s completed: 150

Last Round:
Starting at the goal line we did standing broad jumps to the 10yd line and completed 1 burpee. More broad jumps to the 20 and 2 burpees and so on until we hit the 50 yd line.
Broad Jumps: 50 yds
Burpees: 15

Slow Mosey to the SF


Prayer Requests:
Dozer’s cousin Red October having knee surgery Friday the 22nd (six month recovery)
Dozer having some gall bladder testing

Football Meal
Christmas Party at Saluda River Club
Cheech 10K
Harbison 50K