• When: 2020-02-11
  • QIC: Knozit
  • The PAX: Bar Crawl, Dawndy, BroadHead, Bond-O, Tail Spin, PopTart(R) Adluh, Zappo, Rumble Strip, Cream Cheese, Blue Rhino, Knozit(R)

Detention Men Breakdown the “House of Cards”

Conditions:  62 Degrees with spitting rain

The Thang:  It’s always a challenge to Q Detention.  These brothers really bring it and like a few surprises.  Trying to get a little creative for the Pax on this morning in the gloom.  12 Pax assembled to get better together.


Step in parking lot for COP

SSH 51x IC  (YHC is 51 YO)

Mosey around parking lot… stop and circle up

Imperial Walkers 15x IC

Mosey further around parking lot for COP

Windmills 15x IC

Mosey through gate to back of building with hill and assemble at base of the hill.  YHC placed a metal ammo case (“Q Kit”).  Inside was a special deck of cards.

Pax form 3 teams of 4.  Each team is dealt 12 Cards… face down.  Then the three teams flip their top card.  Each card has an exercise and the number of reps required for the team.  2x Pax from each team begin these exercises while the other 2 team members run to the top of the hill and back.  Then each pair switch off keeping the total reps increasing till they reach the designated total reps.  Then, each team flips to the next card and repeats.

Card #1 Merkins  100x

Card #2 Squat Jumps 300x

Card #3 Flutter Kicks 300x

Card #4 Hydrolics 150x

Card #5 Smurf Jacks 300x

Card #6 BBSUs 150x

Card #7 Team Merkins 15x (Pax form a plank chain placing their legs on the next Pax’ shoulders doing the Merkins together as a team.  (Team #1 was the best; other teams just went to next card)

Card #8 Monkey Humpers 150x

Card #9 Iron Crosses 90x

Card #10 Burpees 90x

Card #11 American Hammers 300x

Card #12 Man Makers 75x  (Unfortunately, YHC ran out of time to complete)

Mosey back to SF

Count / Name-a-rama  (12 Pax)


Lexington F3 Convergence February 29th 6:30 RBH

Prayer Requests:

Dear Diary’s at Lex Med Center

Girl from Cayce missing – 6 years old

DOT Employee – women recovering from beating

Broad Head – safe trip/son is sick

Dawn Merck – fighting cancer and other ailments

Families & Marriages

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