• When: 2021-03-23
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Blue Rhino, Haboob, Adluh, Broadhead, Satchel, Bar Crawl, Green Jeans, Boo Boo, FNG - Frizzle, Danica, Bondo, Rumble Strip, No Help

Detainees Mumblechatter Detained

Weather: Fiddy something

The Thang:

Intro, disclaimer, prayer

Run around parking lot to scoop up the walking wounded and then circle back for COP

SSH x 10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC F
Squat x 10 ISC
LBAC x 10 IC R
Squat x 10 ISC
OH Claps x 10 IC
Squat x 10 ISC
TTT x 10 IC
Lunge x 10 IC

Run to the block pile and line up at the bottom of the hill for the go till you can’t go no mo workout

While waiting for the wounded to arrive, AMRAP shoulder press

Object, do as many reps as possible until form breaks down.  Run up to the dump and back, rinse and repeat until total rep count reached.

Curls x 150
OH Triceps Ext x 150

Put blocks up and line up at the bottom of the hill

Lunge x 10/leg and run up to the dump
Lunge x 10/leg and run to the end of the building
Lunge x 10/leg and run to the shovel flag
Flutter Kicks x 10 IC


Justin Shaw, husband, father, teacher – Frizzle


Cross Ruck on Good Friday at RBHS
Food drive for LICS – See Thumbs Up for deets

Prayer Requests

Green Jeans cousin
My cousin
Gremlins sister
No Show


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