• When: 2017-11-14
  • QIC: Urkel, Khakis
  • The PAX: Wilson, Matlock, Babe, Tongue & Groove, Ace, Shankapotomus (Respect), Hollywood, Wino, Happy Trees, Caboose, Stay Puff, Khakis, Urkel

CO-BDay Q’s are the best

November 15th is one of the greatest days of the year; it’s the day that both Urkel and Khakis celebrate their birthdays.  YHC feels that way but I think everyone that actually showed up this morning is sick of hearing about it.  I guess that’s a good thing for those 3 individuals that decided to miss the greatest display of a CO-Q in history and traveled to Tomahawk to sit around and kick a football at each other. What a joke!  YHC is highly disappointed in that decision, and will never cover for Grout again when he decides to modify (BRR).  It’s my birthday and I’ll cry about it if I want to…

Last year YHC and Khakis had planned to have a CO-BDay Q but unfortunately Khakis had to be out of town for work, so this year was even more important for us to make this happen.  A few months ago Khakis came up with the brilliant plan for him to get there early and hide somewhere so we could act like he fartsacked again (it’s a common issue these days with a small child).  What a great idea!  Khakis parked in a spot where nobody would see his vehicle and walked down to the softball field parking lot.  He sat (or maybe slept) for about 20 minutes until we arrived.  Since Khakis and YHC love to bring music to our workouts, he made sure to carry his speaker for a little fun!

I can’t deny it…I was really concerned when running down the hill to the softball field as I didn’t really know if Khakis made it for the CO-Q.  What a site to see though, a stud was there standing in the middle of the parking lot just waiting to bring the pain.  Great stuff!


mosey to the top of the hill that leads to the softball field.

The Thang

35 (Urkel age tomorrow) burpees OYO

Run down the hill – SURPRISE!!!  There’s Khakis waiting.  Circle up and wait for Khakis to turn on his speaker and connect his phone.  I don’t understand what he was doing for 20 minutes waiting to surprise us…why wasn’t he ready?

Bring Sally Up – Air Squats (A Khakis favorite)

Fast mosey (run people) up the hill

35 Merkins OYO

run down the hill

Roxanne – SSH and Burpees (YHC’s favorite – 27 burpees)

Run up the hilll

34 (Khakis age tomorrow) mountain climbers (2 count) OYO


Mosey to the block pile, grab a block and partner up

Round 1:

Partners must complete a total of 34 pull-ups and 68 Overhead Presses alternating throughout.

Round 2:

Partners must complete a total of 35 dips and 70 thrusters alternating throughout.

Round 3:

Mosey to the stadium.  Partner 1 wall squat with block while partner 2 goes up and down stadium stairs with block over head.  Flapjack to share the pain


return blocks and circle up.

Flutter kicks x 35 IC (Khakis favorite)


mosey to flag (that isn’t there because Nub didn’t come help celebrate our birthday)

Time was pretty much up, but that didn’t matter because it’s a special day.  One more song to celebrate!

Tubthumping – SSH w/ Burpees (27 total burpees)

The end

For those of you wondering, that was a total of 89 burpees included in all the other craziness we completed this morning.  Great work men!



Smokehouse party December 8th at Wino’s (BYOF/B)

LUMC Steak Dinner (Dec 2) tickets for sale until Monday.  $12 for plate (Ribeye, Potatoes, Green beans, roll, tea & dessert)


Prayer Requests:

Chad Arant

Julie Shealy

Clyde Hendrix

Heyward Bouknight