• When: 2017-08-30
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Kukoc, Iron Mary, Heisenberg, Dunphy, Itchy(R), Lego, Long Haul, JJ, Floppy Disc, Knozit, Malfunction Junction, Cowbell, Hemingway, Shake and Bake, Mac

Cherokee Trail Run

15 Pax and one furry friend took their DRP at Stride this morning. A Cherokee trail run sounds like we did some kind of indian run on the trails but since they have dozered through the dirt berms on either side of the bridge it can no longer be classified as a trail run. Everyone settled into a nice, easy, tapering for the BRR pace and took the hills with Stride (See what I did there?)

The Weather: 70 and still not a lot of humidity

The Route:

R Maiden Ln

Cross Church and go up the stairs for the Icehouse

Down one set of stairs in the seating area and back up the other

L Main St

R beside Radius church

L Butler

Cross 378 onto Reed St

R Northwood

L Cherokee Tr

To the stop sign at Old Cherokee is ~3mi cross

Cross Old Cherokee and to the next stop sign to add a little more.

Same route back