• When: 092617
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: PYT, Voltron, Clip Board, No Help, Fracture, Strut, Training Wheels-R, Glow Worm, Tail Pipe, Dr. Quinn, Carousel-R, Shades of Gray, Buttermaker-R, Chips, Thumbs Up-R, Paddles, Noah, Red Eye, Milli Vanilli, Punch List, Mad hatter, Rocking Chair-R.

Celebrating 59

YHC was pleased to share the celebration of his 59th trip around the sun with brothers of the Crypt Pax in the gloom this morning.  Since our AOQ was engaging in bear poking, YHC figured he had better come out the gate hot  in order to keep the Pax focused.  Hopefully everyone got their monies worth as work was definitely done…

1 minute warning, check for FNG’s, intro., disclaimer BOM

10 Burpees OYO, then follow me approx. .2 mi run, circle up, SSH x 10, IC , follow me , .2mi. run, circle up, TTT x 10, IC, .2 mi. run, Windmill x 10, IC,  .2 mi. run, circle up, slomo squats x 10 IC, .2 mi. run, slomo squats x 10 IC, .2 mi run t o outdoor gym.

Now that the warmup is finished…

Pax counts off by 6 and assigned to various stations 1-6.

St. 1- Flutter kicks

St. 2 – Hand Release Merkins

St. 3- Rope Squats

St. 4- Pull Ups

St. 5- Burpees

St. 6- Big ole Tire flips  for 59 feet out and back

Tire station is the timer. Switch to next Station when a round trip with the tire is complete.  After 6 rotations flip card to reveal the next round of exercises…

St. 1- Monkey Humpers

St. 2- LBC’s

St. 3- Battle ropes

St. 4- Hanging leg/ knee raises

St. 5- MORE Burpees

St. 6- More 59 feet of tire flips

After this round mosey back to the flag for quick round of Mary:

Strut calls  20 Merkins

PYT calls 20 more Merkins

and Thumbs Up completes a perfect morning by calling 19 merkins.  59 in total, what could be more fitting!  Thanks Brothers!

Name a rama and Count a rama

Announcements: Lots….

Prayers requests:  No Help’s surgery 10/10, No Help’s cousin, Chip’s mom,  others that I forgot but God knows.

Thank you Brothers for being who you are and being there for me, I love you all. RC