• When: 06/19/18
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Inuit, Alter Boy, Ochocinco, Etch a Sketch, Glow Rod, FNG Yellawood, YHC Columbo

Caught by Surprise Don’t get Distracted


have had a lot on my mind lately.  I’m currently seeking job opportunities in the private sector and hope to retire from police wook soon.  That thought process has somewhat consumed me as of lately and that is not good.  It had consumed me to the point that I had not paid attention to the Q sheet.  Upon arriving in the gloom at the start time jumanji’s AOQ reminded me that I was on the schedule.  I quickly pulled out an oldie but a goodie WO that the PAX have always enjoyed.

It was a very humid 75 degrees or so. 7 PAX including 1 FNG participated in today’s beat down.

After disclaimer and opening prayer the WO went something like this:

Mosey to the consession stand in middle of baseball complex.  Circle up for warm up (SSH, TT tunnel, Tea Party toe touches, imperial walkers, hillbilly walkers, little baby arm circles etc).

Mosey to big baseball field and line up on left field foul line 5 squats.  Mosey to 1st light pole 5 MERCANS.  Mosey to next light pole 5 big boy sit ups. Mosey to right field foul pole 5 iron crosses.  Mosey to back stop 20 calf raises. Mosey to start point.  Increase reps by 5 going up to 20 and back down to 5 (calf raises stay at 20).  Mosey back to shovel flag.  No time for merry.

Good solid effort by the men.  Always an honor to lead them.

Announcements: Runvergance at Shawshank tomorrow at 0500.  Keep eye on Twitter for this one.

FNG welcome Matt Ashley. Father of one.  Baseball coach. Building supplies salesman.  Yellawood just edged out 2 X 4.  Welcome YellaWood

Prayer request: YHC job hunt.  For Ocho Cinco’s co-worker’s husband in hospital and for other coworker gaining sight back after illness.

DEVO: Although there was no Devo prepared l want to take this opportunity encourage my brothers to stay focused and be aware of all that is going on around you.  Don’t get so consumed by things that you forget your purpose and importance in your life.  You are important to God, your family, your friends etc.  Our families are relying on us as men for support, and encouragment.  The men of Jumanji were relying on me this morning and I almost let them down.  What if I had farsacked? What if I had something else to attend to?  Remember there are others ALWAYS relying on us.  Do your best and try not to let anybody down.  Slow down. Take a deep breath. Relax.  Focus on your surroundings, your responsibilities and your duties.