• When: 2018-04-24
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Tailpipe, Tinkle, 6 ft Under, Katniss

Burpee Mile – Modified for “Earth Day”

Conditions:  Clear skies and stars shining after a heavy thunderstorm. A pleasant 62 degrees.

This workout was so popular at Boneyard, YHC took it on the road to The Stand, but added in the trash pickup in honor of Earth Day. (It was another reason to walk vs running)

The Thang:

Pledge of Allegiance

Warmup – (15 reps each IC)

    • Through the Tunnel
    • Windmill
    • Little Baby Arm Circles – 15 Fwd, 15 Rev. – (Keep Arms Up)
    • Overhead Clap – (Keep Arms Up)
    • Turn & Bounce – 8 count
    • Side Straddle Hop
    • Imperial Walker

To save getting too wet the flutter kicks and the American Hammer normally in my warmup we skipped

Burpee Mile

In honor of Earth Day, we did a police call picking up trash during a leisurely stroll around the campus. Of course, YHC forgot the lights don’t come on until 5:30, but we managed to find a few straws and scraps of paper.  The young bucks at The Stand took off running, so YHC had to remind them this was supposed to be a walk, not a run so we wouldn’t miss picking up any trash. 🙂 During the stroll, we stopped every tenth of a mile to do 10 burpees. The walk ended up being 1.3 miles, so we got 130 burpees in. At the main entrance to the school we did 10 burpees in front of the flag with our hats off.



Tinkle’s B’day Q at Snakepit on Thursday
Brew Ruck this coming weekend
2nd Annual 3rd F 5K May 5th
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Travelling Wall – Camden American Legion, May 3-6
Mud Run May 19th
Capital Ruck

Prayer Requests:
6 ft Under’s Back
Deadstick’s step-daughter, looking for a job
Moist – Sisters baby girl and family