• When: 2018-08-23
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Man Bun, Cowbell, Quack, Cheers, Elmers, Bing, Ponzi

And then there was light! Shawshank – Stadium Edition

On Tuesday the Shank was dark. Real dark. All the lights were  pretty much off. On Thursday, the AOQ must have worked some magic, because as YHC came down Barr road the sky was lit up. The Shank had almost every light on available. YHC started quickly rethinking his Q to take advantage of the beauty of the Shank- Stadium Edition.

Weather: Nice breeze, low 70s, about 60% humidity, which was refreshing.


The Thang:
Circle up
SSH 4ct x15 IC
TTT 4ct x10 IC
LBACs 4ct x10 IC forward and backward
Overhead Claps 4ct x25 IC

Run 50meters, 10 burpees
Run 50meters, 9 burpees
Run 50meters, 8 burpees
Run 50meters, 7 burpees
Run 100 meters, 6 burpees
Run 100 meters, 5 burpees
To the block pile and line up on the super well-lit field’s sideline
Feeks WOD for 15 minutes:
Starting with 2 reps – 2 Thrusters with your block, sprint 100 meters out and back (each out and back equal 2 reps), Rinse and Repeat adding 2 reps.

Round 2: Starting with 12 reps, decreasing by 2 until time expires
With your block: Squat to Shoulder to Shoulder, Plank with block drag, Burpees
Run backwards to the soccer goal, bear crawl back.

Return blocks and mosey back to the shovel flag.
Finish it off with 50 4ct flutter kicks IC
1 minute AMRAP of hand-release merkins to superman


8/25 – Stomp the Swamp – Boneyard and Cryptonite are open for a double-down. Cryptonite and F3 Columbia’s Battle will be converging. Shawshank will be open with Vets home after.
BRR is coming – pray for the safety of the runners and ruckers
11/3 – City Ruck Tour – 11am 12 miles for Operation Enduring Warrior
11/10 – Cheech 10k
11/17 – Hairy Bison – Harbison
12/1 – The Wildcat – 5am launches from Shawshank
12/14 – F3 Christmas Party

Prayers: Braniac recovering from knee surgery and now has to have shoulder surgery
Boat Plug’s wife
Injured pax, both physical and emotional