• When: 2018-08-28
  • QIC: All 9s
  • The PAX: Hoist, Cramps, Stalker, Slumlord (R), Brick, Wild Hog, Double Deuce, Chuckwagon, All 9s


It’s no secret that the BRR is around the corner. To stay accountable, YHC figured he would take the Q at his home AO and put together an AMRAP that could be tailored for those starting to cut back. While great in theory, the pax did anything but tailor their effort. Good work men.

Weather: 75



The Thang

Mosey a lap around the parking lot and then to the courtyard for COP – all in cadence

SSH x 15

Imperial Walker x 15

LBAC x 10 (forward and reverse)

The AMRAP contained six stations and were done in a circuit:

1st Station: farmers carry two blocks down the sidewalk to the fence at the band field and back (35yds each way) — crowd pleaser

2nd Station: flutterkicks (2ct) x 15

3rd Station: bear crawl block drag (15yds each way)

4th Station: merkin x 10

5th Station: lap around the parking lot

6th Station: burpee x 10

Rinse and repeat; increasing by 1 burpee each lap.

YHC called it with 5 minutes to spare so the pax could get in some Mary:

American Hammer x 25 IC

LBC x 25 OYO

American Hammer x 20 IC

LBC x 20 OYO

Gas Pumps x 15 OYO

LBC x 15 OYO



Announcements: BRR

Prayer Requests: Cramps (praise regarding his mother), Stalker, Brick, All 9’s paralegal

Moleskin: YHC have every intention of taking it easy today. After getting into the workout I received a push from the pax that I needed in order to really get something from the workout. Shout out to Brick and Double Deuce for that. Truth be told, this constant push has changed my life in the last 8 months: to the tune of just over 30lbs. My wife likes to joke and send me pictures of just how bad of shape I was in this time last year (you social media folk can track these down). That is just the physical change and there is so much more to this than that… F3 makes me better and I thank you all for that.