• When: 2020-05-03
  • QIC: Tater
  • The PAX: Little Giants, Olive Oil, Chedda, Tater

200 Miles

4 pax posted to a virtual Tread this beautiful morning. Technology allowed us to bridge a gap of about 200 miles between pax. It was almost like we were in the same room. The workout went a little something like this:

Conditions: Garage-Zoom



LBAC (forward, backward) X 15 Forward Each OYO

OHC x 15 OYO

Dirty Bird X 15 OYO

KB Swing X 15 OYO

KB Stretch X 10 OYO

Curls for the girls X 15 OYO

Tricep Ext X 15 OYO

Shoulder Press X 15 OYO

Squat X 15 OYO

Tay Palm X 15 OYO

Imperial Squalker X 10 Each Leg (May the 4th is coming)

Lawn Mower X 15 Each Arm OYO

Teapot X 15 Each Side OYO

Around the World X 15 Each Way OYO

1 Hand KB Swing X 10 Each Arm

Taypalm x 15 OYO

Squat X 15 OYO

Shoulder Press X 15 OYO

Tricep Extension X 15 OYO

Curls for the Girls X 15 OYO

Curls for the Girls X 20 OYO (Pool season is coming)

Boosterless Zoom- Gumby was performed.


Prayer Requests

  • Chedda’s 2.0s-Finishing college and starting jobs.



From Tony Evans Kingdom Man


  • YHC thoroughly enjoyed this morning and was glad to see Olive Oil at the workout.
  • Zoom may be different, but it allowed us to cover over 200 miles between pax.
  • YHC’s internet held up for the whole workout!
  • All these guys are big Star Wars fans, so YHC had to add in one exercise to reference Star Wars with May the 4th being tomorrow

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