• When: 2019-07-02
  • QIC: Dominion
  • The PAX: Escobar, Wee Wee, Mulligan, Rec, Pole Dance, Twerk, 2 Star, Nail Pop, Miranda, Abner, Butt Dial, Big Al, Bogey, Tupperware, Devito, Dominion

16 pax post for a World Cup Soccer Match

Conditions are clear, 76 Degrees and humid

Not a Pro/modify/no FNGs/COP

Mosey to grassy knoll by parking lot

Warm up with Ghost Count Cadence
YHC counted the first cadence out loud (1, 2, 3) and the Pax replied with 1. After that, the goal was to finish the rest of the reps as a group, with a silent cadence. If completed properly, we move to the next exercise, if not, we introduce a punishment exercise.

SSS x 15 in Ghost Cadence
We had a slight mishap on this one. Escobar on the punishment call – he chose Heeeeeel touches x15 IC

Mosey to front of the school
TTT in Ghost Cadence – no clapping allowed or punishment will be given.
The Pax gave up early on this one. Punishment was 5 burpees.

Mosey to top of parking lot – sprint to the last light pole – roughly 50 yards.

Imperial Walker x 15 in Ghost Cadence
As a group, we didn’t do this one right. Punishment exercise of 5 burpees

Mosey to Soccer field. In honor of the US Women playing in the semifinals today, we played some soccer.

Split up into two teams of 8. Shirts vs skins until time. 5 burpees when your team gives up a goal.

Mosey back to SF.

Sunday run 5:30
Thursday we will meet at 6 am, SL 5:20

Prayer requests
Devito friend – Taylor Door


Moleskin/game highlights

Abner started the game off as goalie and threw the ball in the opposing net. Regardless of kickoff rules or whether the shirts were ready, Abner got his goal.

Escobar lives up to his soccer like name.

Wee wee wins golden toe award for his corner kicks (even if they sailed over the other side of the field a few times)

Miranda was the first to hit the ground.

A few pax are eligible for name changes to Beckham.

Pole dance could be Pele’ Dance with his moves.

Sidelines were extended so there wasn’t any out of bounds.

Devito and Bogey have some serious skills.

Rec could do better In the goal. Hopefully he gets some practice for next time or is on the opposite team from YHC. He also gave up a penalty kick goal (unbelievable).

Saw 1.7 – 2.1 miles uploaded today.

Skins win 6-3.