• When: 2020-10-05
  • QIC: Dominion
  • The PAX: Blue Bloods, Boo Boo, Wee Wee, Lego, Hoist, Ranger (R), Knozit (R), Pole Dance, Nail Pop, Cheers, Dominion

11 post to Run the bases

YHC is excited about his Braves winning a post season series, so today I wanted to get in some practice running the bases.

Conditions: clear and cool, low 50s.

Not a pro, No FNGs, COP.

Mosey first two laps around the track from the flag.

400 m sprint, 100 m mosey
300 m sprint, 100 m mosey
200 m sprint, 100 m mosey (pass Escobar who was doing solo work on the track at that point).
100 m sprint, 100 m mosey.

Rinse and Repeat (except for the passing Escobar goal).

Mosey to the practice field next to the case all field to run base running drills.

-mosey around the bases
-1st to third
-second to home
-1st to home (let the ball hit the ground first)
-suicide squeeze/steal home
-walk off homer
Braves social distancing celebration

Mosey back to the flag.

-Cheech 10k

-LEGO Buddy going through divorce
-Cowbell’s kids and family
-Officer Jacob Hancher (F3 Hightower) from F3 Grandstrand at Myrtle Beach lost his life in the line of duty this week.

-Our heart goes out to the family of Hightower
-Escobar got 10 miles in but didn’t join in today
-Hoist looks to be returning to form after his injury, he gets all of today’s Hoist Bucks
-The pax got in 3.2 miles today.

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