• When: 12/06/2014
  • QIC: Meatball
  • The PAX: Breakfast Club, Freon, Detour, Shake n Bake, Meatball

Who Doesn’t Love Merkins?

The Pax this morning.  That’s who.

Completing the GoRuck Challenge 2 weeks ago made YCH realize he needed to work on upper body strength.  So what better way to do that than to Q a workout focusing on the upper body. YHC is partaking in the 10,000 merkin challenge this month so merkins were on the agenda.  Too bad for the rest of the pax, none of them are in the challenge and didn’t like the idea of all the merkins planned for the morning.

Push up pic

YHC had the Q on November 1st at Crypt for the first time. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans and interfered bringing torrential downpours and snow to Lexington and no pax came out.  So, YHC decided to give Crypt a second chance this morning. Thankfully, 4 other pax got out of the fartsack and showed up for an upper body smokefest. Albeit, 1 pax came almost 15 minutes late due to not setting his alarm clock.  I won’t mention his name but here is a hint:

breakfast club

Weather:  48 and cloudy.

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:

Since there were only four pax to start, we squared up for the COP.

SSH x 25 IC
TTT x 20IC
Little baby arm circles forward x 11 IC (YHC forgot to stop at 10)
Little baby arm circles backward x 11 IC (to be consistent with the 11 forward)
Merkins x 20 IC

Mosey to Pull-Up / Dip Bar area.

1 pax completes a minimum of 6 and max of 15 pull ups while rest of pax high plank waiting their turn. Rinse and repeat X 3 alternating high and low plank position.

Move over to dip bars.  Each pax completes 10 dips OYO.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

Mosey to concrete helipad. On our way to the helipad, the 5th pax joined us for the rest of the workout.

Wide Arm Merkins x 20 OYO
Break 15 seconds
Burpees x 5 OYO
Break 10 seconds
Merkins x 20 OYO
Break 15 Seconds
Burpee x 5 OYO
Break 10 seconds
Side Arm Merkins x 20 OYO
Break 15 seconds
Burpee x 5 OYO
Break 10 seconds
Diamond Merkins x 20 OYO
Break 15 seconds
Burpee x 5 OYO

Mosey to front of school and find a spot on the wall.

1 minute peoples chair – arms out in front and over head. Rinse and repeat x 2.

45 seconds balls to the wall. Rinse and repeat x 2.

Indian Run to the rock wall at the top of cemetery hill.

Step ups on wall – 10 each leg
Incline Merkins x 20 OYO
Step ups on wall – 10 each leg
Decline Merkins x 20 OYO
Step ups on wall – 10 each leg
Incline Merkins – 20 OYO

Mosey to top of cemetery hill for a modified version of The Reaper.

20 squats at the top of the hill. Run down to first street light, 20 cruches. Run back to top, 20 squats. AMRAP for 6 minutes.

Mosey to grassy area in front of school for Mary.  Here is where 1 pax left us to head down to Graveyard for a double down.  I won’t mention his name either but here is another hint:

shake n back pic


Iron Crosses with partner x 20 OYO
Russian Twist x 20 IC
Heel Touches x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 30 IC
Flutterkicks x 46 IC (crowd pleaser)


Moleskin:  It was good to see some pax I haven’t seen in a while and to meet some new.  All put in 100% this morning to #getbetter.  We completed a total of 200 merkins during the workout.  Mumblechatter was abundant which is good with a small group.  YHC looks forward to coming back out to Crypt for another Q, even though Detour said to stay away.


  • F3 Lexington Christmas party is Dec 19 at CCL. Email Ken Doll at [email protected] to HC. Also, make sure you vote for the awards and superlatives.
  • #3rdF Opportunity: Donate to FHF. Give your AO Q $ or send thru paypal to F3Columbia Nan’tan John Powell, [email protected]
  • F3 North Augusta launched today with Lexington taking the lead.
  • Go Run is Feb 7 at WKHS. Thinking about a convergence at SnakePit. www.thegorun.org

Prayer Requests: We continue to lift up Walker and the Phillips family. We pray for all the injured pax for quick healing. For Detours mother-in-law’s ongoing health issues.

Devo by Breakfast Club

II Timothy 2:15

Do you know that you, husband, or father are called to be a theologian? Not a professional one, but we are all called to follow Jesus and to imitate Him. We are called to distinguish between the spirits. How do we do this if we don’t know what God requires of us, or worse yet, if we don’t know God, or are known by Him?

The term “rightly divide”, or “handle” literally means in the Greek “to cut a straight line”. It’s a carpenter’s term. Paul is writing to Timothy, a pastor and teacher, however, each one of us is to read God’s Word, and it is vital that we handle rightly divide, or cut a straight line with it.

But at an even more basic level, it means that we need to be reading God’s Word and studying it daily. I have no clue how many in this group reads the Bible every day, but if you don’t, now is a great time to start. If one reads 4 chapters a day one can get through it in a year.

Would you commit with me to read at least 4 chapters a day? Why commit? Because it’s not about feelings and emotions, just like with your marriage. Do you only do things with your wife when the feeling takes you? No, but so many times our feelings follow our mind and our actions.

This is not about brownie points or legalism, just as making a conscious effort to spend time with your wife doesn’t make you a good husband, but love must be acted out, and if you love your wife you will choose to spend time with her and to know her.

We read God’s Word and spend time with Him in prayer because Christ tells us to, and He did so and we follow His example. Furthermore, we take on these disciplines because we need to. You don’t go to the doctor because you are such a healthy person, or are very fit. You go because you are sick and need something. It’s the same with God. We need Him, and He calls us to love Him. We won’t love Him, truly, unless we know Him. On our own we don’t know what He requires, what He loves, what He hates. This can only be found in the Word that He has given to us.

So disavow any notions of legalism, or of the “Super-Christian”. Commit to spend time with Him in His Word daily because He emptied Himself and became nothing and became obedient to death, even death on the cross. If God the Son took much time to pray and He was always quoting scripture, oughtn’t we to follow His example?

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