• When: 9/9/2014
  • QIC: Magic Mike
  • The PAX: Queenie, Coppertone, Roommate, J.D., R2D2, Pothole, Moonshine, Rabid, KeyMaster, Phonebooth, Slate, Bogey, Maury, Crash, Bartman, Silverfish, Trix, EOB, StageCoach, RocketMan, Magic Mike

What we need….is some more Headband!

Conditions: 68 degrees, 100% humidity, 2% chance of rain

21 pax arrived at the Depot “late show” this morning to be welcomed by the one, the only, (say it with me with while your arm makes “that motion” like he does)…Maaaaagic Mike! YHC was pleased to see 5 brothers wearing headbands this morning in honor of this VQ. For those not familiar with Magic Mike’s Headband, feel free to follow him on twitter by clicking here .

Disclaimer and COP

Count off in 1s and 2s. Remember number for later.

Mosey to Basketball Court
SSH x 19 IC
IW x 20 IC
Overhead Arm Claps x 12 IC
Freddie Mercuries x 20 IC
“Burt Reynolds” (oblique crunches – right side) x 10 IC
“Burt Reynolds” (oblique crunches – left side) x 10 IC
* When Phone Booth first introduced Depot to the oblique crunches, Magic Mike named them Burt Reynolds. Need to get that into Lexicon somehow.

Forward Line Shuffles x 100 OYO (or was it AMRAP? Or maybe IC? Negative!)
Side Line Shuffles x 100 OYO

Mosey to Soccer Field Goal Line
Run 33 yards – 10 Merkins
Run 33 yards – 10 Burpees
Run 33 yards – 10 Mountain Climbers
Run back 100 yards – 10 BBSU
Repeat 3 times, plank waiting on 6

If your Headband isn’t soaked yet, you’re doing it wrong. Keep working.

Magic Mike headband

Mosey to Playground
1st start with Dips. 2s start with Pull Ups
Dips 20 OYO
Pull ups 10 OYO
Stepups 20 OYO
Plank waiting on 6

Mosey to Brickpile
Grab 2 bricks – or 1 “cylinder block”
Curls for Girls x 20 IC
Shoulder Press x 20 IC
Tricep Extension x 20 IC
Rinse and Repeat

Keep the bricks for Mary (I think, Mary…with some arms and legs thrown in)

Alright, Alright, Alright.


Russian Twists w/bricks x 20 IC
Squats w/bricks x 20 IC
Flutter Kicks w/bricks x 20 IC
***Dealer’s Choice***
Circle o’ Merkins (Queenie) 1s x15, hold plank, 2s x15, hold plank…reduce by 5 until all do 5
Dying Cockroach (StageCoach) x20 IC
George Rogers (Coppertone) x 21 IC
Russian Twists (Phonebooth) x 40 IC
Monkey Humpers (Pothole) x 25 IC

COT and Prayer


Very good VQ by MagicMike. The pax gave it to him early on with his “100, AMRAP, IC, OYO” mix up…but he handled it like a veteran. His “rave glowstick” helped him see his “presspass” (aka Weinke) and got him back on track. A few more of these workouts and we’ll all be ready to take the stage in this sort of shape…


…and not like Chris Farley’s character.



– Continue praying for Walker and follow his progress here. Nail Pop (his dad) came to town last week from Atlanta and posted at Graveyard and Strut. He was back today at Shawshank.
– WALKER STRONG shirts are in. Treadmill (Turning Point AO) has them. Contact him on Twitter to coordinate picking yours up
Tunnel to Towers 5K is Friday, September 19th. Would be good to have large F3 showing for this one, men!
– Fall Mud Run numbers exceed 600 for F3 Columbia. There is still time to sign up. You can talk to Mungo or find the information on the F3 Nation website.
– Go Ruck signups are still going on so you can get a slot. Go to F3 Nation website for info. This is a tough challenge so do your research before signing up.
– Magoo is chairing the Governor’s Cup half Marathon for F3 Columbia. They are also having an 8K if you don’t want to do the half marathon. Pre-blast is live on F3nation.com
– If you want to Q a workout in the future, please reach out to one of the regular Qs or Mungo for more details. You may want to co-Q with someone that has done it before so you get your feet wet with an experienced Q.

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  1. Just want to clarify…
    #WalkerStrong shirts are not in. Currently taking second batch orders. 1st batch has already been distributed. Order needs to be in by the 14th(Sunday). Please contact me if you want one or if you have PayPal You can pay via PayPal to [email protected]. All proceeds go to help the medical expenses for the Phillips family.

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