• When: 08/12/14
  • QIC: Garmin
  • The PAX: Elvis, No Show, Blindside, Treadmill, TDY, Pee Dee, Candy Stripe, Sewer Rat, Wombat, Merkin, Garmin

Sharing is caring

11 pax arrived at Turning Point for a “sharing is caring” workout.

The Thang:
ssh x 20
lbc x 20
squat x 20
arm circle x 20 (10 forward/10 back)

mosey to stairs and line up
while the rest of pax does merkins, lead man runs up then down stairs, and to the back of the line
then next man goes while rest of pax continues merkins
(must have been a crowd pleaser…Elvis left the building)

sharing is caring (you can take some of someone else’s if you finish early):
100 squats
300 single count flutter kicks

jog to soccer field
split into two teams of 5 for never ending relays
3 men at one goal post with the other two at the other goal post
one of the men from the 3-person side sprints across, when he crosses the line, next man goes
repeat until the slower team gets “lapped”
when you’re not the man sprinting, do mountain climbers

more sharing:
200 big boy situps, recalculating* 100 big boy situps

over to the picnic tables:
10 decline merkins, run around one of the far basketball goals, 10 box jumps, run one of the far basketball goals, repeat

more never ending relay:
same thing as before, this time those not sprinting do squats instead of mountain climbers

YHC is starting to develop a habit of recalculating every time he Qs at Turning Point. Note to self, know thyself.
Treadmill was especially generous, always being the first to offer his reps to any willing pax during the “sharing” portions

Prayers for Phillips family, McIntyre family
Stomp the Swamp 8/23

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