• When: 2017-12-12
  • QIC: Fire Daddy
  • The PAX: Urkel, Toothpick, Toe Tag, Bud, Flipper (R), Updyke, Funnel Cake, Splinter, Fire Daddy

No Turnover Chain Needed

9 pax at Roost wore way too many layers for a substitute Q from YHC.  Splinter was on the Q sheet but YHC owed him one and filled in. There were several grumblings amongst the pax once this was announced (still not sure if that is a good thing).  Here’s how it went down:

Conditions: 45 and warmer than most expected

Tha Thang:

Quick warm up lap as we wait for late arrival from other side of campus.  Head to block pile for 1 block/pax.  Back to the track.

SSH (IC) x 15

TTT (IC) x 15

IW (IC) x15

38-3 workout (celebrating Clemson’s ACC Championship Win, originally planned for last week)

38 OH Press w/block, 3 burpees, run a lap

38 Squats w/block, 3 burpees, run a lap

38 Curls w/block, 3 burpees, run a lap

38 Deadlifts w/block, 3 burpees, run a lap

38 Bench Press w/block, 3 burpees, run a lap

38 Swings w/block, 3 burpees, run a lap

Rinse and repeat until time to put blocks away.

2 min plank sequence

Solid work by all and good numbers.  Covered up to 2.5 miles.  Welcome Funnel Cake from F3 Lexington.  Glad to have you on this side of the lake.


We have adopted a family through Chapin We Care. Not to put a financial burden on the PAX this time of year, but Splinter and YHC wanted to bring our AOs together to help a family/child in need this Christmas. Each child has a wish/needs list for Christmas. PAX can send donations to YHC through Paypal at [email protected] or in person and I will ensure that every penny is spent on the family that we are sponsoring. Approximate cost that we’re looking to raise is $80 – $100. Those who would like to contribute need to have donations in by Dec. 15th. We’re sponsoring an 8 year old boy who loves Legos and is in need of clothes.


Fran Ricks continued recovery