• When: 2018-08-16
  • QIC: Shakespeare
  • The PAX: R2D2, Brother Si, Spring Break, Depends, Perdue, Plan B, Shakespeare

Leftovers make great stew.

7 Pax came to Foxhole for some reheated suck.

Conditions:  Humid, what else?

The thang:
Windmill X10 IC
Hillbilly X10 IC
LAC X10 X10 IC

3 sets of:
5 pull ups
10 Merkins
20 Squats

3 sets of:
5 clap Merkins
10 Dips
20 LBCs

As we mosied to the goal line, mumble chatter was heard regarding the familiarity of the exercises and locations.  No offense taken.  YHC is guilty as charged, but never exactly the same.  Not because variety is the spice of life, but because YHC couldn’t follow instruction even if YHC had them (which YHC doesn’t).  But let us consider the words of various luminaries regarding left overs, some with F3 translations:

Leftovers in their less visible form are called memories. Stored in the refrigerator of the mind and the cupboard of the heart. Thomas Fuller
Translation:  Bring your feels.

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.” Calvin Trillin
Translation:  There’s nothing new under the gloom.

“Never eat more than you can lift.” — Miss Piggy
Translation:  Don’t Q it if you can’t do it.

“It’s not leftovers that are wasteful, but those who either don’t know what to do with them or can’t be bothered.” — Julian Baggini
Translation:  Don’t Fartsack.

“I can’t cook.  My wife cooks.  But I can remix leftovers pretty good though.”  Big Boi
No translation needed.

“My mom made two dishes: Take it or Leave it.” — Stephen Wright
Translation:  Q it or do it.

Leftovers make you feel good twice. First, when you put it away, you feel thrifty and intelligent: ‘I’m saving food!’ Then a month later when blue hair is growing out of the ham, and you throw it away, you feel really intelligent: ‘I’m saving my life!’   George Carlin
Translation:  YHC is fine with being the ham with blue hair, as long as we get better.

5 minutes of 50 yd sprints every minute.

10 yds double leg bounding
10 yds alternating leg bounding
10 yds weak leg bounding
10 yds other weak leg bounding
10 yds bear crawl

3 sets of:
5X raised lunges each leg (10 total)
10 Merkins
20 Flutter kicks

3 sets of:
5 burpees
20 calf raises

Lunge 3 parking spaces
bear crawl 3 parking spaces
backwards lunge 3 spaces
20 Russian twists
Rinse and repeat

Ray Charles X20 IC
Freddy Mercury X20 IC
Boat canoe (canoe)