• When: 09/18/14
  • QIC: R2D2
  • The PAX: FNG TicTac, C3P0, Napalm, Queenie, Gerrymander, Plan-B, Scotchguard, Cliffhanger, Pony, EOB, Multiply, Diesel, Swampy, Rust, Eh, Magoo, Bro Si, Paperjam, R2D2

Just Burpeeing around

19 PAX including an FNG Tic-Tac arrived in the gloom to endure more of the unexplored fun the Lakemurray’s newest AO has to offer. The PAX spent quality time exploring and evaluating the durability of the pavement through multiple sets of burpees.

Conditions: We actually saw steam coming from heads this morning. Must have been a bit cooler.

The Thang:

Jog about 100 yards and circle up
SSH x 25
On the line
4 direction bear crawls with intermittent sets of 5 merkins (25 merkins total)
Lunges with intermittent sets of 5 Burpees (25 burpees total)

Jog to the gate 5 burpees
Jog to the bottom of the hill 5 burpees
Climb to top of stairs 5 burpees
Climb down 5 burpees

10 min AMRAP set
Start at bottom of field house
Up the stairs 10 Merkins at top
Down other side to landing 10 BB situps
To the bottom 10 dips

Recover w 5 burpees!
Jog to gate 5 burpees

Jog to FB field
Chase –
Partner up #1 is flat on back #2 is standing. On go #2 sprints 40 yards while #1 gets up and tries to catch him. If caught #2 does 5 burpees, if not #1 does 5 burpees. Switch positions and repeat x 3


– Burpees were the exercise of the day for sure.
– So much to do at this new AO. Possibilities are endless.
– Welcome to Tic-Tac!

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