• When: 08/07/14
  • QIC: Sparky
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Poser, Buuuud, Rudy, Wilma, Rafter, Money Penny, Zamboni, Stirrups, Toothpick, Hall Pass, Flux, Light Bill, Devo

Jump squat in cadence…really?

15 enthusiastic PAX posted this morning in moderately gloomy conditions for a relaxing while slightly invigorating Workout.

Conditions:  70 degrees, 74% humidity (according to the portable humidistat I carry…always).

The Thang:


Mosey to baseball field.


  • 25X Side Straddle Hop IC
  • 20X Merkins IC
  • 25X (or was it 26) Imperial Walkers IC
  • 25X LBC IC
  • 20X Jump Squat IC (don’t do this IC…is just isn’t meant for it)
  • Ring of Dirty Dog – All PAX circle up, hold 6 inches (vary to 45 and 90 during exercise).  Two PAX at a time 10X dirty dog each leg, run around circle and down.  Repeat until all PAX have enjoyed the dirty dog.

Double Applesauce to Soccer Fields.

Round 1

  • On goal line, 15X Big Boy Situps
  • Sprint to mid field
  • 15X Merkins
  • Sprint to goal line, Plank until all PAX are back.

Round 2

  • On goal line, 20X Freddie Mercury
  • Sprint to mid field
  • 20X Plank Jacks
  • Sprint to goal line, Plank until all PAX are back.

Round 3

  • On goal line, 20X dying cockroach (left and right = 1)
  • Bear Crawl to mid field, sprint to goal line.
  • 10X Burpies
  • Sprint full field to other goal line, Plank until all PAX are back.

Mosey to playground

  • 10X Pull Ups
  • 20X Dips
  • R&R

Mosey to Shovelflag

  • 45 OH arm claps.

Dealers choice for 6 Minutes of Mary

  • Russian Twist
  • Flutter Kicks
  • LBCs



  1. SweetBabyO 5K is 8/9.  Please support Putt Putt and his family.  Details https://www.runhard.org/pages/owen.php
  2. WalkerStrong T-Shirts are available for $10 each with proceeds going to support Nail Pop and his family.  Details http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/walkerphillips/journal/view/id/53e17817a589b498707491f8
  3. Salsaritas 2nd F on Friday 8/7.  Details http://f3nation.com/2014/08/06/salsaritas-for-walker/
  4. DNA of relationships for couples at Chapin UMC this weekend.  Tickets available at door.  Details http://www.chapinumc.com/#/marriage-event


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