• When: 10/18/14
  • QIC: Creole
  • The PAX: Dirtbag, Weezie, Breaker1Nine, Church Lady, Cornbread, Rudy, Creole

Creole brings trouble to Speedtrap

Conditions:  52 Degrees and clear skies. Perfect beat down weather!!!

The Thang:
Intro and Disclaimer followed with a short prayer. Church Lady says that a prayer before a workout is not a good sign. At that point it was all I could do to keep the Evil Beast Laugh inside.churchlady

Mosey to upper baseball field:
1 Lap around field – Circle Up
IC 20 Imperial Walkers/ Make that 10. Virgin Q jitters.
IC 20 Side Straddle Hops
IC 20 Merkins
IC 20 Flutter Kicks
IC 20 Squats

Mosey to lower soccer field;
Foot games: Throw football through small tire= sprint to mid-field for 10 big boy sit ups. Throw through middle tire=sprint to mid-field for 15 flutter kicks. Throw through large tire=sprint to mid-field for 20 freedom twist. Miss=sprint full-field for 5 berpies
Rinse and Repeat This was suppose to be an ab workout however everyone left their throwing arm at home. 14 throws/3setsof Freedom Twist/ 1 set of flutter kicks/and way to many berpies

Mosey to playground:
Grab a sand bag AKA “Dirt-Bag” and circle up. Backs to center of circle. Count off 1212121. 2’s drop bags. Pass bags to left for 1 minute then reverse for 1 minute.
Partner up. Toss bag back and forth for what was suppose to be a minute, however at the minute mark the pax looked as if they where enjoying this exercise so we kept it going until it looked painful. ( The pax had no idea of the one minute plan or my dirty little secret about making them pay for looking so happy.)
Ring of fire on your back heads to the inside; arms up pass 2 bags around for 3 minutes in the circle 90 seconds to the left and 90 seconds to the right.
Standing ring of fire holding the bags over your heads. 3 rounds was the call, however after the 1st round the pax where resting the bags on their heads with pain painted on their faces so we called it at 2 rounds.
Recover bags .
At this point the pax looked extremely tired. Can you guess what happens next.

Mosey back to upper baseball field: Throw tires over fence.
Split group accordingly
Alternate flipping tires to foul line and back. 2 flips there and 3 flips back.
Look at the time. Dang time flies when you are having fun.
Recover tires.
Dealers choice
Rudy: Boat Canoe (duh!)
Creole: Front Back Go

Announcements: 3rd team formed for the palmetto 200 we need 7 more guys to complete our team.
Prayer request: None
Closed with a tight circle and a prayer.

Written by Creole/Posted by Mungo

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