• When: 9/9/2014
  • QIC: Quest
  • The PAX: Treadmill, TDY, Higgins, Closer, Merkin, PomPom, Bragger, Candy Stripe, Quest


Conditions: 68 degrees, 94% humidity
9 pax arrived at Turning Point this morning to face the gloom. Some in cars and some by foot as they were worried that Quest wouldn’t bring enough to get their money’s worth.

Disclaimer and COP
As of the writing of this Backblast, I realized that with all the excitement of today’s workout I completely forgot about the disclaimer and prayer. I’m just glad that we were all professional and nobody called me out on it.

Mosey on over to the track and let’s get in a warmup lap including High Knees, Butt Kicks and Karaoke both ways. Then to the end of the field to circle up
SSH x 20 IC
Through the Tunnel x 15 IC
Little Arm Circles x 15 IC (both ways)
Overhead Claps x 15 IC
Big Arm Circles x 15 IC (both ways)
LBC x 25 IC
Merkins x 15 IC

10 Hill repeats

Mosey over to the Brick Pile
*There was only 1 rule….DON”T DROP YOUR BRICKS*
Curls for Girls x 15 IC
Hammer Curls x 15 IC
Reverse Curls x 15 IC (forearms were already burning at this point)
High Arm Curls x 15 IC

Shoulder Press x 15 IC
Round the World x 15 IC

Tri Ext x 15 IC
Tri Kickback x 15 IC

3 way calve raises x 10 all 3 ways

Back to the field for a little Plyometric fun
Tuck Jump x 10 OYO
Sprint to goal and back
Jump Lunge x 10 OYO
Sprint to goal and back
Smurf Jacks x 20 IC

Circle up for a little pax Q training session (today’s lesson was IC counting)
Treadmill – Heel Touches, TDY – Lunges, Higgins – Russian Twists, Closer – Flutter Kicks, Merkin – Bridge, PomPom – Diamond Merkins, Bragger – Imperial Walkers, Candy Stripe – Russian Squats, Quest – Carolina Dry Docks (Sorry don’t have a count)

Over to the stairs for a little stair work
Up one side – Down the other – & Up 1 more time

Then over to the Court Yard for a 5 min cool down
LBC x 20 IC
Oblique crunches – right side x 15 IC (options: 2 raised legs, 1 raised leg, no leg)
Oblique crunches – left side x 15 IC
Heels to Heaven x 15 IC
Imperial Walker x 19 IC

– New Specialty AO in Lexington at RBHS (The Reaper)– They meet Fridays and alt between Hill and stairs
– #Anchor (Irmo side of Dam) & #Stride (Lex Lowes) meet on Wed 5:30 AM
– We need more people to sign up for Q’s, if you don’t have access to sign up see Treadmill
– Tunnel to Towers 5K is Friday, September 19th
– WALKER STRONG orders are due 9/14 – Contact Treadmill for a shirt, he is helping get orders together. They are $10 each
– Fall Mud Run is Saturday Oct 4
– Go Ruck is Nov 21 – there is still time to sign up

Prayer Requests
– Continue praying for Walker as well hsi family
– Merkin going to Israel

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