• When: 06/22/2017
  • QIC: Ronda
  • The PAX: Kamikaze, Cole Train, Two Gloves, Honey Do, Hatter

The Worst Line Ever!

6 PAX out at Sandlot experienced what it felt like if all of America was forced to exercise while you waited in line for stuff. The theme of the workout was to hold a position or continue an exercise, while everyone, one-by-one, completed some other exercise.

The warmup:

Everyone held people’s chair while we all did 10 squats.

Everyone held high plank while we all did 10 mercans.

Everyone continued flutter kicks while we all did 10 big boys.


Using a tennis court we ran a two point suicide while everyone was continuing big boys.

Next, we back-peddled to the end of the court and sprinted back as everyone continued mercans.

Next, was a bear-crawl while everyone continued dry-docks.

Last on the tennis court was a karaoke to the end of the court and back while everyone continued SSH.

Using light poles at the back of a baseball field, we all started mercans. One-by-one we sprinted to the next light pole (about 20 yards) where we started squats. From here, everyone continued squats as everyone lunge-walked to the second pole. At the second pole, we started big boys as we waited for all of the lunge-walkers. Once everyone was here, we sprinted to the third light pole, where we picked up mercans while we waited. Once all here, we back-peddled to the fourth light pole where we picked up on squats. Once everyone was here, we took turns lunge-walking to the foul pole and started big boys until all arrived.

Using cinder blocks, we held the blocks over our head while everyone did 10 shoulder press.

Next. we held a static bicep curl while everyone did 10 curls.

Next, was SSH while everyone did 10 (double count) toe taps on the block.

We hit the ground next and lifted the brick up while everyone did 10 chest press. Without dropping the blocks, we moved to 10 iron crosses each.

Then I tried a 3 stage around the clock. We all started in a static bicep curl. I counted off one and moved the block to a full curl and held it there. The next guy counted 2 and did the same. When it got back to me, I counted and raised the block over my head. We kept this pattern until 120.

We finished up, after a mosey back to the flag, with some abs.

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