• When: 2019-03-04
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Beta, Biggie Smalls, R.A., Tapeworm, Jar Jar

“That was some Bull****”



Conditions: Misty


Tha Thang: They were warned. Most heeded the warning. 3 didn’t (and 2 did the Bullseye). Run up Bull St, grab a cinder block, Cusack to the top of the stairs, 10 block Merkins, Curls all the way down, no crunches, move on to the next stairwell via standard Bull format. It was heavy. And slow. And modified extensively. But we did it, with modest #grumblechatter .


Announcements: Huge Spurvergence next month. Keep your ears open for more.

Prayer requests: RA and family.

Devo: As posted above. Basically, when Elijah was at his lowest low point, fearing for his life, God told Elijah to 1) look at God and 2)look to serve man . This is strong advice for all of us, even in the midst of serious pain, to take our eyes of ourselves, not just for altruism, but also FOR ourselves.