• When: 2018-12-04
  • QIC: McNugget
  • The PAX: Levar, Polo, Prom, Strom, Crusty, Sheetz, Tater Tot, Venti, Chaser, Okra, Billy Bob, McNugget

Swampfox gets some McNugget Love

YHC had the pleasure of dishing out a little pain while also making things a little fun (I hope) at Swampfox.  The pax spent quite a bit of time on YHC’s favorite field, the diamond, for a beat down and a little batting practice mixed.  YHC was quite impressed with the Swampfox Pax batting skills!

Conditions:  44 degrees and beautiful

The Thang:

In true form YHC form, we began with the Slaughter Starter plus 5: 25 burpees OYO (crowd pleaser)

Warm Up:

15 Merkins C

15 Squats IC

15 Mountain Climbers IC

Head across the school yard, grab the blocks and meet on the line:

Lunge Walk with blocks about 30 yards to the big oak tree

20 Goblet Squats OYO

Back at the start the Pax were lined up and introduced to the Hammer Original, Artillery Fire:

It’s an exercise introduced to by Collar and named by Boo Boo.  Keep the block on the ground,  push it forward with both hands, then pull your feet forward to the block, keeping your hands firmly on the block.  Trust me, it’s hard.

Artillery fire back to the start line 30 yards

At start line execute 20 merkins on the block (plank when done)

Next Artillery Fire 30 yards back to the oak tree

At start line execute 20 curls (plank when done)

Next Artillery Fire 30 yards back to the start line

At start line execute 20 kettle bell swings with the block (plank when done)

Next Artillery fire 30 yards back to the oak tree

At oak tree execute 20 clean and jerks (plank when done)

At this point we headed over to the baseball field for a little fun:

YHC tried this with the Hammer pax back in the summer and wanted to see how the Swampfox fellas could hang.  This was a slight variation of the pain ball station that our brother, Slumdog, introduced many years ago.  Pain balls are typically tennis balls with exercises written across the cover.  You pull a tennis ball out the bucket, call the exercise and run some distance while the pax did the exercise until you made it back.    The exercises included the following: burpees, merkins, Carolina dry docks, BBS, LBC, Plank jacks, jump squats, and a whole lot more.

YHC took the same concepts and applied them to baseballs.  Each pax would pull a ball with an exercise out the bucket and call the exercise for the other pax to execute while he ran around the bases.  The thing is, YHC added a little twist.  YCH brought an old 34 inch Louisville Slugger C271 (a hefty piece of lumber) and a batting tee that I’m sure any four-year old could hit off of.  The deal was that each pax would place his ball on the tee and take a hack.  If you hit the ball to the outfield, then you ran around the bases once.  If you didn’t hit it out the infield, killed the tee, or simply swung and missed, then you ran around the bases twice, all while your fellow pax completed the called exercise.

This wasn’t pretty when we tried this at Hammer the first time around as we were collectively 3 for 11 at getting the ball out the infield.  YHC is humbled to say that Swampfox fared much better.  8 for 12 today.  That’s strong!  It has been proven that Swampfox is greater than Hammer at tee ball.  At the end of the day, the pax performed admirably on the called exercises and had a little fun.  YHC won’t name any names, but there were at least three solid whiffs amongst the group!

Once we finished up we put up the blocks and headed back to COT

BOM- McNugget

Always a pleasure when YHC gets to visit other AOs.  It feels good to know there are other men, true HIMs, out there putting in the work!  Great job today!