• When: 11/3/15
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Stacatto, Logo, Pink Eye, Robber, Sway, Two Buck, Double Rub, Woody, Dirty Harry, Cheesy, Dial Tone

Slow and Steady

11 gathered at the Brickpile for slow and steady nothing fancy beat down by Sway.

Condtions: 65 degrees, humid, damp, occaisional misty rain

The Thang:


SSH x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Deep Squats x15, High Knees x20, LBC x20

“Follow Me” to brickpile – detour to correct jack rabbits. “Follow” means keep the leader’s pace. Select a block. This is my block. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Farmer’s carry, alternating arms, from pile toward Millwood. Switch to Cusack. Rinse and repeat to Cat Clinic oak tree. Partner up. First partner runs to Michigan Street and back while second partner AMRAPs designated exercise with blocks where appropriate, then flapjack. To the best of my limited memory: curls a few times, tricep press at least 2x, sit ups at least 2x, pick em up put em down, knee touch lunges, and some more fun stuff.

Cusack to white truck, farmers carry back.

Moneky Humpers x15, then squat jumps x20 (varying speeds, hold some at bottom, say hello to passing tomatoes).

Curls while moseying back to pile. Then Cusack, then Farmers Carry.

Put ’em up.


Ball of Man


  • BBQ at Palmetto Pig on Wednesday with Mission pax who completed mud run
  • Augusta, Savannah, and Knoxville launch Saturday
  • Great devo from Dean Wormer re: meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of flood victims


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