• When: 12/16/14
  • QIC: Noonan
  • The PAX: Pontiff, Gypsy, Hot stuff, Crabs legs, Cold feet, Mac n cheese, Daffy, Tater tread, Nomaha, Pale rider, Wongo cat, Noonan, FNG "Waldo"

Shiver down by the River

F3 North Augusta,13 PAX this AM in the gloom down by #TheRiver, lost a few regulars to the Fartsack, my first time as QIC

Side straddle hop x 30
Through the middle x 20
Merkins x 40
Imperial walkers x 20
LBC x 30
Squats x 15
Mountain climbers x 25
Russian twist x 20

Mosey to Hill… 200m

“Triple Nickel”
Five Burpee’s at top of hill
Five push-ups at bottom of hill
Five sit ups at top of hill
Repeat above for three sets

Lineup to give thanks, say one thing you’re thankful for this Christmas season…

Indian run through parking lot 800m

One Burpee for every light post through the parking lot (20 Burpee’s) run between each light 300m

Plank up at the end of the parking lot and sound off in order why you come to F3, all while planking….

Mosey back towards hill… 300m

15 squats OYO

Teams of 3 bear crawl up hill (5 sets)
Plank up when finished

Circle up for …
LT Dan Taylors (ratio 1:4) squats/lunges starting with 1/4 counting up to 5/20
Mountain climbers x 20

Mosey to roundabout, 200m…
Line up on seat wall, 40 dips,15 full sit-ups on ground feet against seat wall, 40 dips

Mosey to Christmas tree… 200m

Jack webbs (ratio 1:4) push-ups/air-press starting with 1/4 counting up to 5/20 and back down to 1/4
Mountain climbers x 25
Shoulder touches (while planking) x 30
6″scissors x 40

Finish with Ball of Man, prayers requested for the Hogan Family and Dawson Family.

Thanks to my Bro in law “#TheHardhat” up in Greenville #SwampRabbit for introducing me to F3, pumped to finally get one started down here!


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