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Easter Friday Burgers

AO: ramble_lunch
Q: Friar Tuck
PAX: Bundy, Churchkey, Ronda, Love Child, Cauliflower, Bootleg, Footstool
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Wonder who, if anyone, or everyone would show up to Ramble Lunch today. Several negotiations were had throughout the Columbia areas with various employers, wives, and children regarding free time and how it would be spent. Though the porch seemed inviting prima facie, the wind quickly made it clear that the sunny day was the dining equivalent of dating the hottest chick in high school. Looks great…but crazy, so we moved inside and away from the music speakers.
THE THANG: Discuss college days of dining at the establishment once known on national television for its burgers that have gone from best in town to delightfully alright. Much fellowship was had and mumblechatter made ranging from heartfelt sincerity to unprintable vulgarity, which makes this company so endearing.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: There are C&D options this afternoon, LC made it somewhere without navigational aid from his phone, Cauliflower is running some sort of ponzi scheme with a dozen credit cards, and Ronda is selling a broken down house for those interested in a good haunting.
COT: Regina Caeli, laetare, Alleluia…

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