• When: 2017-10-28
  • The PAX: Any man with a bike

PREBLAST: Cycling AO Launches 10/28

We have a little bit of 1stF for everybody: run, ruck, bootcamp, kettle bell, higher intensity, intramural. It’s time to add cycling to the list.

As it often happens with this group, the pax have spoken and leaders have emerged to launch a cycling AO. Harbison Forest is the location the pax want. With this central location, the vision is to have this as a shared AO for all of F3 Midlands.

Obvious question: Is this a mountain or road biking? For now, the answer is mountain biking. A road biking group could and will likely emerge.


When: Every Saturday from 7am-8:30am. Launch date is Saturday, 10/28/17

Where: Harbison Forest

Why: The pax get what the pax want. This also widens the net to capture as many men as possible. Several HCs from FNGs have already been secured.

Other notes:
-There is a charge to park at Harbison Forest. If you post regularly, look into getting an annual pass
-Bring your own bike