• When: 06/10/2017
  • QIC: Bolt's VQ
  • The PAX: Bolt, Skinny Jeans, Smithers, Slate, MIB, Grizzley, Bobber, Enos, Zuckerburg, Stones, Serena, King James, Heisenberg, Chucky, Training Wheels, Off Key, Rubbermaid, Game Face, Balboa

Not that Brave, But I Know Who Is

Nineteen men posted at The Mission today. Men from G.O.A.T., Strut, parts far and wide from the  Lexington and Columbia Regions, and ofcourse the men of the Oliver Gospel Mission, men with addictions who participate in a rigorous program at the Oliver Gospel Mission.  By the way, you’re a “member” of The Mission if you’ve posted at this AO, it’s alright to say to other’s, “I post at Boneyard and The Mission”.  Not much separates TM from our other AO’s. All embrace the SUX, you get backslapped and encouraged and hounded at all of them, you get stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually, you make some worthwhile relationships, you come out of your shell and make improvements as a leader.  We all try crazy corporate physical feats.  We’re holding others accountable (we heard one man say today that the other men wouldn’t let him leave the OGM program). You pray the same prayers at all our workouts – shaky marriages, estranged kids, employment, death and illness, weddings, graduations, guidance.  Ofcourse TM is unlike other AO’s for some obvious reasons, one being the program men all have drug and alcohol demons.  There’s another not so obvious difference, the program men put their demons front and center – YHC isn’t likely to do that Tuesday.  I’m not that brave; but every Saturday I’m with a lot of men who are.  F3 Counts.

Disclaimer was given by BOLT, a program man who was VQing today; BOLT’s a leader and people pay attention when he’s Qing.  We look forward to him leading future Boot Camps.

Conditions were sunny with perfect temps and eager PAX.

The Thang

Not going to go through today’s workout except to say BOLT showed good assertiveness and was eager to try-he didn’t care if he wasn’t perfect, he wanted to help and he wanted to lead.  Nuff said.  But for the record:  we included blocks, bricks (compliments of G.O.A.T.) and water filled gallon jugs, we partnered up, we were IC, we were OYO, we used those three *#! climbing walls, there was alot of dealer’s choice to involve others – to include Rubbermaid for his first time getting in the circle and barking out an exercise.  Good job Rubbermaid.


G.O.A.T. posted today.  Smithers, Slate, MIB and Skinny Jeans. Slate and Smithers shared how F3 was about relationships; Slate told the group that F3 wouldn’t be worth the time if it was only about a workout.  Hey M’s – us thick headed F3 crazies do actually get it!

Circle of Trust

Count/Names:  and…

Announcements: 1) HC @srankin to get involved with the Three Region Cookout on June 30, 5pm till.  Need someone to volunteer their boat for some rides, need someone to lead about a 10-15 minute CSAUP activity, need HCs for Corn Hole, etc.  Looks like we have cooks-Thanks Pearl and Plumbob.  We’re hosting the Oliver Gospel Mission men.  Pine Island, Shelter 16.  HC, ya can dew it. 2) Lake Murray Convergence, July 1 at G.O.A.T.

Praises/Prayers: 1) A recent Lexington father lost a son and had a son marry in the same week.  Pray.  2) A man in TM has a diagnosed back problem – a seared off screw-and he still posted today – like a man on fire. 3) Baby on the way – #Uh Oh.

BOM Prayer: Thanks for F3; put us front and center to serve, and forgive us when we mess it up.


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