• When: 2020-06-04
  • QIC: Blowout
  • The PAX: Ducky, Bindi, Leon, Tarek, Wally, BooBoo, Gaston, Billy Bob, Zima, Stretch, Blowout

Not much arm work…

Well the Q was reminded of 2 things today.  First, 5:30 is still crazy early, especially after having a taste of 6am start times for a little while.  Second, having a bum shoulder limits the exercise lexicon a bit.  So, 11 met in the gloom at the Lowes food parking lot not knowing what to expect from a non-100% Q.

The Warmup:  20 SSH, 20 windmills, 20 through the tunnels, 20 SSH – all in cadence

Mosey around the parking lot

64-20-20 exercise (named after the date 6-4-2020)

64 seconds of a holding exercise followed by 20 reps of 2 different exercises

set 1: high plank – Big Boys – Squats (10ct IC)

set 2: Air chair – LBC – Imperial Walkers

set 3: 6 inches – Big Boys – Squats (10ct IC)

set 4: Low plank – LBC – Imperial Walkers

set 5: flutters – Big Boys – Russian twists

Next: 2 laps around the parking lot island lunge walking on the short legs and running on the long legs.

Then mosey to parking garage.

ran up to top floor (5) always looking in the same direction.  So, backwards run, then forwards for each floor.

At the top, we did the arm part of the workout.  All in cadence: 15 LBAC forward and backwards, 20 OHP, 20 OHC, 20 Curl press

then, back down the garage the same way we came up.

At the bottom: 10 Imperial walkers IC, 10 through the tunnels IC, 10 burpees OYO

Sprint/mosey back to AO.

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