• When: 2020-09-29
  • QIC: Goose
  • The PAX:  OBC, Ripcord, Lumen, SLED, Pele, PreNup and Ball Boy

Jenny’s Corner

8 Pax showed up for a whole body workout

Warmup – SSH, Imperial Walkers, shoulder stretches, Little Baby Arm Circles, overhead clap, 3 count squat, Hamstring and lower back stretch, happy baby.

Workout – mosey to Jenny’s Corner and grab two bricks each.  4 count exercises
20 Overhead Press, 20 curls for the girls, 20 tricep extensions, 20 Bench Press

Line up across the road and Lt. Dan 25 yards to the parked red car.  20 Hello Dolly’s, 20 box cutters, 20 Ray Charles, 20 Freddie Mercurys.

Mosey back to Jenny’s corner, rinse and repeat brickwork.

Line up across the street and Lt. Dan 25 yards in the opposite direction to the for rent sign.  20 plank jacks, 20 mountain climbers, 20 SSH, 20 imperial walkers.

Mosey back to Jenny’s Circle and rinse and repeat the whole cycle and throw in some dying cock roaches and gas pumpers for good measure.

put up bricks, one last Lt. Dan and mosey back to club Carlisle for a set of SSH and monkey humpers to finish off strong

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