• When: 09/14/15
  • QIC: Co-Pay
  • The PAX: Co-Pay, Skirt

“Hello, My Name is Skirt… I have a running problem”

2 PAX quietly assembled with the crickets for an extremely familiar tour…

Conditions: Perfect!

The Thang:

(ctrl+f 9/11 BB & ctrl+v)

Left out of AO onto Olde Knight, Right on Chambly, Left on Queensryche, Right on Old Woodlands, Left on Garners Ferry, Left on Pelham, Right on Gills Creek, Right on Rosewood, Right on Garners Ferry, Right on Old Woodlands, Left on Queensryche, Right on Chambly, Left on Olde Knight, back to AO.


YHC suspected at least one #F3BRRStumble participant to bypass the #smartsack and join in on this morning’s fun… Skirt did not disappoint. As he exited his vehicle near the 5:15 departure time, assessed the lack of participants, quickly admitted he may have a problem… a running problem. YHC concurred, waited a few minutes past the departure time… crickets… audibled out of the planned out-and-back… let’s go.

YHC was eager to hear a first-hand breakdown of the #BRR and after listening to Skirt’s breakdown it appears the motivation this morning may have been to wipe the memories of the #CSAUP mountain climbs clean with a fresh set Columbia hills.

Proud of the #F3BRRStumble crew! Hope I can find a spot next year… possibly make one if necessary… #watchur6


  • Be on the lookout for a top secret 2nd F with Back Draft, and Palmetto 200 sign up… coming soon!
  • #Woodshed The Axe belt is up for grabs on the 24th!


BOM – Co-Pay

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