• When: 09/14/15
  • QIC: Logo
  • The PAX: Moonriver, Dusty, First Choice, Cesspool, Bluegrass, JB, Roscoe, Two Buck and Logo

Shoulders anyone?

9 faithful gathered at the Brickpile for a Monday morning Logo led shoulder fest.  Great work this morning by the Monday morning crew.

Conditions:  55 degrees and clear skies.  Doesn’t get better than this!!!!!

The Thang:

Mosey around school to lower field – All exercises performed in cadence unless noted

SSH x 30

Little baby arm circles forward x 15, backwards x 15, overhead clap x 15, shoulder press x 15, overhead clap x 15 into little baby arm circles forward x 15.

The squat x 20

20 big boy situps – OYO

6 inches till everyone done

Russian Twist x 20

Mosey to upper field

Lunge walk 10 yds then 20 merkins – OYO

Lunge walk 10 yds then 20 diamond merkins – OYO

Lunge walk 10 yds then 20 wide arm merkins – OYO

Backpedal to start line and plank/low plank

Rinse and repeat but this time backwards lunge walk

6 inches to low plank x 4 sets

Mosey to wall

Peoples chair with overhead claps x 20

lunge position with hold – alternate legs x 15 secs

Peoples chair with overhead claps x 15

low squat hold x 15 secs

Mosey to blocks and bricks

Group 1 – 10 dips on bars Group 2 – 10 nose busters with blocks x 10


Group 1 – 10 dips on bars Group 2 – 20 bench press with block


20 Big boy situps OYO

Hold block overhead and feet at 6 inches

Curls with blocks x 10 straight into 21’s (7 curls from up position to halfway, 7 from halfway to down and 7 full curls)

Hold blocks in curl position up and halfway

Slow squats with blocks – 4 count down, 5 count hold at bottom and explosive up on your toes x 10

Arm flutters with bricks – x 10 straight out, x 10 to side, into shoulder press x 20 back to arm flutters

The flutter kick x 41

Put blocks and bricks up

low plank till Cesspool said we were done – which felt like 10 minutes.

Mosey to COT


Great work today by the 9.

Gorgeous morning for fitness and fellowship

Logo is looking for people to step up for Brickpile devotions on Tues, Thurs and Sat.  Let me know if interested.






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