• When: 2018-12-06
  • QIC: Venti
  • The PAX: Stretch, Pinkman, BooBoo, McNugget, Ducky, Venti, Splinter, DeVille, Zima, Misfire, and Flow

Hammer – 12/6

YHC always enjoys a chance to get back over to Hammer where it all started for me…and 11 PAX did some fast paced work in the not too warm conditions.

Conditions: 27 degrees, no wind, and clear skies

Tha Thang:  The PAX off 11 grabbed two sets of bricks and two blocks and then moseyed on down to the front of the school to begin the warm-up.  We started with 20 SSH in Cadence and moved into 20 Imperial Walkers where YHC was called out by one Misfire for not using proper Q procedures….but hey, somebody has to keep me straight.  Finished the warm up with 20 LBS and 10 Merkins; OYO.

Post warm-up we got right going into our walking lunges/burpee countdown.  10 walking lunges, 10 burpees…continue with 10 walking lunges, 9 burpees…10 walking lunges, 8 burpees….down to 6 Burpees and 50 total walking lunges.  Hold plank to wait on the PAX.  We did a second round of this but on the way back down we substituted squat jumps for Burpees.  Same totals 50 walking lunges in sets of 10 with the squat jump count down from 10 to 6.

Post Lunge/Burpee/Squat Jump portion we grabbed our blocks and moseyed over to the side lot where cones for gassers were already set up by myself and McNuggett.  This began the circuit portion of our beat-down this morning.

1st round (2x thru); 2 groups, one of 5, the other of 6; 5 stations.

Gasser, Curl/Press with the blocks, T-Raises with the bricks, American Hammer, and Catcher squats.  It was AMRAP until the gasser runner was done.

After the repeat, we changed it up to tricep extension with the block, shoulder press with the bricks, twisting leg hugs, and 3-way calf raises…again each AMRAP until gasser was done. (just one time thru this one)

Final set was kettle bell swings with the block, merkin rows with the bricks, big boys, and split jumps…AMRAP until gasser was done.  The one caveat was that Misfire and I shared stations…so at the end of each round the PAX planked so we could make up our work at the blocks and bricks each time.  Creativity when that 11th man showed up at the 11th hour!

Cleaned up, mosey back to COT.  Finished.  Loved the weather, loved the work, the PAX was great!