• When: 10/15/15
  • QIC: Wingback
  • The PAX: Hee-Haw, Huffy, Corn-Stache

Half Hour of Power

4 PAX decided to post to @F3Columbia’s newest AO Thursday morning for a blistering thirty minutes of pain. This being YHC’s first Q at #Blitz, he was excited for the opportunity to lead the quick/high intensity workout. The morning went a little something like this:


5 rds- 10 SSH IC, 5 burpees

30 LBCs IC

10 Slow-Mo Merkins


The Thang:

Ciabatta- 20 secs on/ 10 secs rest X 3

  • Pull Ups
  • Merkins

Next exercises were done between 2 concrete walking paths. (~25yds)

  • Bear Crawl down and back
  • Moving Merkins one way, duck walk back

B-Ball Court:

  • Around the World- Basically, Jungle Boi Jump Squats, when you jump up from the squat you act like you’re shooting a basketball. Jump to your right, right into another squat. So on and so forth, from one end of three-pt line to the other.
  • Crab Walk Suicides- Facing forward the entire time. Frwd crab walk to free throw line, backward crab walk back to base line, frwd to half court, backwards back.
  • Power Jumps for one min. (Wide tuck jumps, slapping your knees after you jump, trying to land softly) (These suck!!)
  • BBBSU’s for one min.



I have total confidence in this AO. There are TONS of men in that neighborhood that NEED F3, just like we all did. With Corn-Stache at the helm, there’s no doubt that men will come and get better. T-Claps to Huffy for attempting this workout under ruck (only modified a few exercises) and giving everything he had. YHC hopes to be able to make the trip lots of times. See ya in the gloom brothers.

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