• When: 02/28/17
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Ash, Teddy, Silver Bullet, Low Dot, On-Ramp, Big Time, Froyo, Pipeline

Go That Way, Really Fast

This weekend’s Cusackathon was such a hit that one of the #DawnStrike regulars decided to get some more and visit the Shed for the very first time (despite living 5 whole blocks away). YHC changed the pace a bit but Mr. Cusack still made an appearance.

Conditions: Upper 50s, perfect. All you pax who don’t post in the winter because it’s too cold or in the summer because it’s too hot, where y’at?

The Thang:


  • SSH x25 IC
  • LAC F/B/Clap x10 each IC
  • Mountain climbers x15 IC

Mosey to The Cage. Pick up blocks.

  • Cusack to Galway & Macon
  • Indian walk with blocks to Macon & Christopher (walk single file; person in back moseys to the front; repeat)
  • Partner up with someone of similar ability
  • Race down Christopher to the cul-de-sac. Merkins x20. Race back
  • Plank while waiting for the 6
  • Bench press x15 IC

Loser farmers carries blocks to next intersection (Timmons). Winners slow mosey.
Flutter kicks for the 6.

  • Race down Timmons to the cul-de-sac. Prisoner squats x20. Race back
  • Hold air chair for the 6
  • Curls for the girls x15 IC

Loser farmers carries blocks to next intersection (Cardiff). Winners slow mosey.
Flutter kicks for the 6

  • Race down Cardiff to the cul-de-sac. Monkey humpers x20. Race back.
  • Hold 6″ for the 6
  • Protractor

Loser farmers carries blocks to Galway. Winners slow mosey.

Bonus Round:

  • Race down Galway to Rockwood. Burpees x10. Race back.
  • Plankorama

Loser farmers carries blocks back to school. Winners slow mosey.

Put up blocks

Mosey to COP field for Guantanamo:

  • All pax sit in a circle facing out, shoulder to shoulder
  • Raise feet off the ground to 45º American Hammer style
  • First man gets up and runs around the circle pushing everyone’s feet down. Hold ’em up.
  • Repeat until all pax have run around

Jailbreak to COT

COT, BOM by Pipeline


  • This workout was inspired partly by Holy Poker and his heart rate management plan. Keep the heart rate slightly elevated 80-90% of the time, and rev it up the other 10-20%. That 10-20% was a whole lot of sprinting. Everyone kept up. Well done.
  • #Kotters to Crab Daddy, who came out to visit and thank the pax for their support following his accident and surgery. Get healed up brother and we’ll be waiting for your first post back.
  • #TClaps to Big Time who finally decided to post at the Shed (technically this was his second visit since he helped out at the 1-year convergence). Don’t be a stranger. Post here and get 15 minutes extra sleep.


  • Woodlands 5K & Play on 3/25. Come out and represent for your neighborhood. Many #SadClowns will be in attendance.
  • Get in the Pink 5K/10K, 5/13, Schweddy’s M on the Q. There will probably be an F3 discount. Stay tuned.
  • Post on Saturday to Brickpile or Battle (good), The Mission (better) or Dawn Strike (best).
  • Reach out to somebody that you know hasn’t posted in awhile and get him back here. He needs it.

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