• When: 2018-02-24
  • QIC: Enterprise
  • The PAX: Training Wheels(R), Heisenburg(R), Serena, Enterprise, Big Wheel, Bo

Enterprise Burpee Surprise @F3TheMission 2/24/2018

Weather was pretty warm. The fields were nice and wet.




Windmill×20 IC

Merkins×20 IC (honor of Training Wheels socks)

LBACs×20 IC (front and backwards)

Seal claps×20 IC

Flappers×20 IC (same as seal claps except hands clap behind you, also 4 count)

Chopper LBACs×20 IC

Air press×20 IC


The Thang:

Fast mosey over to climbing wall. Plank until six arrives.

Burpee Ladder:

Start with 10 burpees. Run up steps next to climbing wall. 5 squats at every platform. 1 dip at top. 5 squats at every platform until back at bottom. 9 burpees. Back up with 5 squats at every platform. 2 dips. ECT…. Until done.


We ended with 55 burpees total.

55 dips total.

600 squats total.


Fast mosey back to flag for some Mary.


Flutter kicks×20 IC

Hydraulic planks×10 IC

Flutter kicks×19 IC

Hydraulic planks×10 IC

Flutter kicks×15 IC

Hydraulic planks×10 IC



Count o rama 6

Name o rama

AAR: great feedback from the pax!

Prayer requests.



Some of our regulars were missing due to some service work for the church. Several guys also left and posted at Palmetto Place for some painting. We appreciate all the help and support that showed up. Tclaps to everyone.


Enterprise out.