• When: 12-08-2018
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: #theherd PAX: Inuit, Ochocinco, Teaspot, YCH Columbo. #f3themission PAX: King James, Enterprise, Training Wheels, Heisenberg, Bookworm, Mathelete, Serena, FNG: Andre Johnson, YHC COlumbo

Double Q Duty

Today’s 4 PAX at Jumanji was only a start to what the morning would hold for YHC on a rainy and mid 40 degree day.

After Disclaimer and opening prayer the PAX warmed up with SSH, TT Tunnel, Windmills etc.  Mosey to the brick pile select your poison (Block or bricks).  Slowsey to the middle school long awning to get out of the rain.  Continue warm up with LBCs, steps ups etc.  PAX took turns farmer carry two blocks the length of awning while the others did an exercise (squats, BB sit ups, calf raises, flutter kicks etc).  Slowsey to the new school for a change of scenery basically doing the same process and for remainder of work out.  Put blocks up and mosey to the flag.  Excellent effort as always.

JUMANJI ANNOUNCEMENTS: #theherd Christmas dinner at The Kingsman  12/18/2018 1730, F3Lexington Christmas party 12/14/2018 Saluda River Club. #theherd annual Ugly Christmas sweater workout. 12/15/2018.

JUMANJI PRAYER REQUESTS:  Healing for Tuff Guy, for Alter Boy, Swamp Thing for their various ailments.  Prayer request for all those fighting depression as the holiday season isn’t always a joyous occasion for some.

Dismiss to coffieteria.

Wait.  There’s more.  One of #theherd’s faithful was scheduled to Q at F3themission, but instead mistakenly locked his keys in his car.  He was in a bind and YHC did what any good brother would do and went to F3themission to fill in.   This would be YHCs first Q at this AO.  The men of F3themission had just finished opening prayer and disclaimer when YHC showed up.  We started out with 8 PAX.

Warm up with SSH, TT Tunnel, Tea Party toe touches, mercans, etc.  Mosey around a bit with high knees, butt kicks, etc.  Mosey to the amphitheater area for one minute mayhem.  Do exercise for 1 minute (squats, Mtn climbers, planks, LBCs, LB arm circles, BB sit ups etc).  It was here that an FNG came to see what we were all about and started to participate.  He was welcomed, the disclaimer was given again and and he would continue the work out.  The PAX were divided into two groups.  One group would run the steps of the amphitheater while the others would do an exercise.  Sort of a runner is the timer kind of thing.  Squats, LBC, arm circles, calf raises, flutter kicks etc).  Mosey around the pond a bit.  Circle up for merry, core exercises, and mosey back to the shovel flag.  Excellent work.  Excellent effort for these men.  Always a pleasure to see the men of f3themission.  It meant even more to lead them.  Happy, honored, humbled to have the opportunity to lead.

COT and NAME O RAMA: Welcome FNG Andre Johnson.  Came to Columbia from Maryland, former Marine new F3 name “Sea Turtle”

THE MISSION ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Monday evening  run group 6 PM

PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: King James: Got rid of last cat. PR for wife and finances. ENTERPRISE: Thanks to God for a beautiful day and being here.  PR for family going through stuff.  Training Wheels:  PR for spiritual warfare.  Mathlete:  Thankful for financial support for long term missions to Honduras for 5 years.  Heisenberg: great to be back to a work out.  Thankful for Sea Turtle.  PR for families during the Christmas holiday for safety, for relationships.  Serena: Always humble when Enterprise gives praise to God first and foremost.  Sea Turtle: Grateful for being welcomed.  Trying to get into OGM to get on feet and get life better.  PR for PTSD.  Bookworm:  Keep in touch with people that kept in touch with you.  Try to better today than yesterday.  PR for aunt and uncle on cruise pray for safety.  Columbo:  Thankful for the opportunity to lead.  Always get better from seeing others giving effort.  PR: Job search.

Closing prayer and dismiss.